What is the Point of a Wine Cellar?

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While wine cellars were previously owned by only the wealthy, they have evolved into a common feature for most homes.

A wine cellar is defined as a designated space reserved for wine storage. A wine cellar may be an insulated room with wine racks, a cooling system, or a wine cooler or wine cabinet. Since wine is a delicate substance, a wine cellar should have the proper storage conditions to ensure that the wine ages gracefully over time. Here is why a wine cellar is necessary and can save wine collectors money in the long term.

Storage Conditions

The most important feature of a wine cellar is its storage conditions. A wine cellar should be located in a low-traffic area of the home where the wine may rest undisturbed. By preventing unwanted vibrations, the sediment inside the bottle will not mix with the liquid and ruin the flavor of the wine. The wine cellar should be out of direct sunlight or bright lighting. Wine is sensitive to harsh lighting and UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause the wine to age rapidly, causing a chemical reaction in the liquid that affects its taste. The relative humidity inside the wine cellar should be between 50-70%. Without the proper humidity, the corks of your wine bottles may dry out, allowing oxygen to seep into the bottle, affecting your wine’s quality and taste. Lastly, wine ages best when stored at a steady temperature of 55℉. Exposing your wine to temperature fluctuations or extreme heat or cold will ruin the wine. A cellar cooling system and proper insulation can create the proper storage conditions inside a wine cellar.

Benefits of a Wine Cellar

Wine requires specific conditions to ensure it tastes delicious once uncorked. A wine cellar can provide the perfect storage environment while protecting your investment. Here are some of the benefits of owning a wine cellar:

● Buy more wine, save money: By creating a designated storage space for your wine, you are no longer confined to the space restraints of your pantry or refrigerator. You can now purchase your favorite wines by the case, saving you money.

● Organization: Having a wine cellar allows you to organize your wine collection easily. You can group your wine by varietals and create a designated area for wines you need to uncork soon.

● Convenience: Adding a wine cellar in your home makes it easy to entertain. You will no longer need to run to the store to purchase wine, as you can simply shop your collection at home.

● Profit: While a wine cellar may be for personal use, you can also use a wine cellar to store wine for profit. The conditions inside the wine cellar ensure a high-quality product that tastes great.

● Added Value: Did you know a wine cellar can add value to your home? Wine cellars are considered a luxury feature that will increase your home’s resale value.

● Wine Education: By creating more space for wine, you will expand your knowledge of wine by storing and tasting a wider variety.

● Taste: Wine that has been stored under the ideal conditions tastes delicious and as the winemaker intended.

What is the Point of Owning a Wine Cellar?

Owning a wine cellar has many benefits, from creating the ideal storage conditions to adding value to your home. If you are ready to add a wine cellar to your home, our cellar experts will assist you. Whether you are shopping for a cellar cooling system, wine fridge, or wine cabinet, we can guide you to the best match for your unique wine collection. Contact us today with our Contact Form.