What is the Difference Between a Bar Cabinet and a Wine Cabinet?

If you love to entertain and collect both wine and spirits, you may be wondering if you need a bar cabinet, wine cabinet, or both.

A bar cabinet is designed for a specific use, as are wine cabinets. Here are the differences between the two.

What is a Bar Cabinet?

Think of a bar cabinet as a level up from a bar cart. A bar cabinet is often constructed from wood and has storage areas for liquor, glasses, and accessories you may need to mix drinks. Most bar cabinets have a locking door and an empty surface on which to pour and serve drinks. Some bar cabinets will have a wine rack where you may stash a few bottles.

What is a Wine Cabinet?

A wine cabinet is similar to a traditional wine cellar. Inside the cabinet are wine racks and sometimes a wine cellar cooling system that works to maintain the cabinet's temperature and humidity. A wine cabinet's bottle capacity may range from less than a hundred to over six hundred. Wine cabinets save space and do not require an entire room, like a traditional wine cellar. To provide sufficient space for more than one type of wine, a wine cellar may be divided into more than one independent temperature zone. If the wine cabinet has a cellar cooling system, the sides, top, and door of the cabinet will be insulated and sealed, similar to a kitchen refrigerator. Most wine cabinets will also have a soft-glowing LED interior light that illuminates the cabinet's contents without adding heat.

Bar Cabinet vs. Wine Cabinet

There are a few differences to note between bar cabinets and wine cabinets. The first is temperature control. Spirits such as gin, vodka, whiskey, and rum, unlike wine, do not have to be stored under specific conditions. Therefore, it is okay to store your favorite bottle of whiskey inside a bar cabinet. Second, most wine cabinets do not have drawers for tools or racks for glasses. A wine cabinet's purpose is very straightforward, to store wine under the best conditions. Last is size. Since most wine cabinets are made to store hundreds of bottles, they take up a significant amount of space.

Do I Need a Bar Cabinet or Wine Cabinet?

You should purchase a bar, wine cabinet, or both, based on your collection and activities. If you love to entertain and mix drinks for friends, a bar cabinet is an excellent piece of furniture to add to your home. If you have hundreds of wine bottles, you most certainly need a wine cabinet to ensure your bottles are stored under the proper temperature and humidity.

Questions About Wine Cabinets?

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