What is the Best Wine Cooler?

According to Consumer Reports, the best wine fridge will maintain a cool, even temperature that is ideal for wine storage.

Today we will look at the criteria set forth by Consumer Reports and review how Vinotemp wine refrigerators match these criteria. We hope to help you find the best wine cooler that meets the needs of your collection.


According to Consumer Reports, the best wine refrigerators have wire-coated racking and fully extendable shelves. The shelving is also adjustable so that you may make room for large or oddly shaped bottles. We agree with these criteria, but will also add a few points; the racking should hold the bottle horizontally so that the wine keeps the cork wet and should secure each bottle in place to prevent bottles from slipping off the rack. Vinotemp has a number of different racking styles including wire-coated shelves:

• Ouzo ™: The most popular style of racking in the Vinotemp range is the patented Ouzo ™ style wine racks with black wooden lip. The wood lip at the end of the rack prevents bottles from shifting forward when the racks are pulled out.

• VinBo ™: A patent-pending rack that allows bottles to be stored with the label forward.

• Sculpted Racking: Specially designed steel and wood wine racks that carefully cradle each bottle in place.

• Other styles include all-wood racking, black wire racking with stainless lip, and wire racking with wood lip.

Vinotemp’s Sculpted Wine Racks

Noise and Energy Use

Most wine refrigerators emit about as much noise as a standard food refrigerator. While this sound is not noticeable in a kitchen, it may become bothersome if the wine refrigerator is placed near a bedroom or home office. Some Vinotemp models include a dynamic silent mode. Noise and energy use varies with each model. This specific information is provided on the product page, packaging, and owner’s manual, allowing you to make an informed decision when purchasing. If you have any questions about noise or energy use, please feel free to contact us.


Vinotemp wine cellars include a wide variety of conveniences. Double-pane or UV protected glass doors, digital temperature control panels, integrated locks, charcoal filters, and interior lighting, are just a few of the standard features included in Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators. Some of Vinotemp’s premium models include panel-ready options, backlighting in multiple colors, and more. Vinotemp is proud to offer wine coolers in a variety of colors from black smoked stainless steel, mirrored finishes, all-black, and seamless stainless-steel trim.

Uniform Temperature

A wine refrigerator’s most important job is to maintain a uniform temperature. The ideal temperature for most wine is 55◦F. When installed correctly within an insulated space, Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators will maintain a steady temperature. If you plan to install a wine refrigerator in a room that experiences temperature fluctuations, such as a basement or garage, consider a wine refrigerator with a solid door. Some of Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators are powerful enough to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from 38-110◦F.

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