What is an Enomatic?

Example of Self-Contained Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine lovers often encounter a common problem; wine waste.

Whether it's a quiet evening at home where you open a bottle and pour a glass for dinner or serve dozens of guests at an event, how can you prevent wine waste? There are wine stoppers, but they only prevent oxidization so much. A must-have appliance that wine drinkers often overlook is a wine dispenser.

An enomatic is a wine dispenser that serves wine by the glass or by the ounce. Wine dispensers are very useful when hosting a wine tasting as you can serve guests in one-ounce increments. For restaurant and bar owners, a wine dispensing system can be a great way to control inventory, as staff can pour precise amounts for guests. Wine dispensers make a beautiful display of wine while preserving and storing the wine in the best conditions.

How Does a Wine Dispenser Work?

Wine dispensers are an all-in-one serving and preservation system. Wine is loaded into an insulated chamber that maintains an ideal serving temperature. Food-safe gas is dispensed into the bottle to preserve the wine and prevent oxidization. A tube is inserted into an open wine bottle and connected to the pouring spout. The user selects from several options to operate the wine dispenser, including free flow, by the ounce, or by the glass. Wine can be stored inside the wine dispenser for several weeks, ensuring every drop of wine is used.

Favorite Wine Dispensers

Vinotemp has several wine dispensers to choose from to enhance your wine drinking experience.

The Vinotemp WineSteward™ Four-Bottle Wine Dispenser (Stainless)

dual glass door wood wine wine cabinet

There are many things to love about the Vinotemp WineSteward Four-Bottle Wine Dispenser. It has room for four bottles of wine, but it has a sleek stainless steel frame and a large glass viewing window. Beautiful white LED lighting illuminates the wine inside the dispenser, while a digital LED temperature display makes it easy to monitor the conditions inside the system. For built-in or freestanding installations.

Vinotemp 2-Bottle Wine Dispenser (Black)

dual glass door wood wine wine cabinet

Vinotemp’s 2-Bottle Wine Dispenser is a great addition to any home or restaurant. Dispense perfectly chilled wine with the push of a button. The stylish, all-black body has rounded edges that give it a sleek appearance. A double-paned glass window helps keep the contents of the dispenser at the ideal temperature.

Single Bottle Dispenser and Preservation System

dual glass door wood wine wine cabinet

When a wine dispenser is not an option, a Single Bottle Dispenser and Preservation System is a suitable alternative. To use, the dispenser is inserted into an open bottle of wine. Like a wine dispenser, the system uses a food-safe gas to preserve the wine and prevent spoilage.

Do You Need an Enomatic?

Avid wine collectors and drinkers can benefit from owning a wine dispenser. Wine dispensers help cut down on wine waste while preserving open bottles of wine under the ideal conditions. Shop Vinotemp.com’s assortment of wine dispensers for the best wine dispensers, including two-bottle and four-bottle models.

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