What is a Wine Cabinet Called?

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A beautiful wine cabinet or wine cupboard is a great storage solution that can last for many years.

Wine cabinets take advantage of vertical space, hold hundreds of bottles, and do not require lots of square footage like a traditional wine cellar or wine room. Many wine cabinets are made to order and customized to a customer's style and storage requirements. They are an outstanding wine cellaring option for both residential and commercial use. Before you invest, you will need to know a few basics about wine cabinets.

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What is a Wine Cabinet?

A wine cabinet is a furniture-style storage solution that consists of a cabinet, wine racks, and sometimes a wine cellar cooling system. A wine cabinet's storage capacity may vary from less than a hundred bottles to over six hundred. Wine cabinets complement many different interior design tastes, from traditional to rustic, to modern and contemporary. Multiple independent temperature zones may be built into the wine cabinet, providing sufficient storage for multiple varietals. If the cabinet has a cellar cooling system, the door and cabinet will be insulated and sealed, similar to a kitchen refrigerator. This helps to maintain the cool and humid environment inside the cabinet. Many wine cabinets have a soft glowing LED interior light that illuminates the cabinet's contents without heating the bottles.

What are the Different Types of Wine Cabinets?

Wine cabinets are available in a variety of styles and for different types of installation. These include:

Freestanding Wine Cabinet: A freestanding wine cabinet can be placed anywhere in the room. If the wine cabinet has a cellar cooling system, the exhaust may be located on either side or to the rear. The exhaust must have proper clearance to keep the cooling unit operating.

Recessed Wine Cabinet (Closet): Wine cabinets with no cellar cooling system or a front exhaust can be recessed into a closet. This option helps save a lot of space and allows the cabinet to blend seamlessly into a room.

Wine Credenza: Wine credenzas are shorter in height than most wine cabinets and generally hold fewer bottles. Wine credenzas are an excellent option for those with medium to small wine collections.

All-Glass Wine Cabinet: If you are trying to create an airy and modern space, an all-glass cabinet may be for you. All-glass cabinets allow you to store hundreds of bottles without the heavy look of wood.

Under Stair Wine Cabinets: Wine cabinets can be custom-made to take advantage of unused space under your staircase.

Combination Wine Credenza: New to the market are combination wine cabinets that provide storage for wine glasses and other wine accessories. The added option is to install a wine cooler inside.

How Difficult is it to Install a Wine Cabinet?

Wine cabinets are available in a variety of styles and for different types of installation. These include:

With proper planning, installing a wine cabinet inside your home should be an easy, seamless experience. When selecting a spot for your new cabinet, pick a location that can withstand the cabinet's weight when fully loaded with wine. It should be perfectly level to prevent the cabinet from tipping over. If your cabinet will have a cellar cooling system, select an area where you will not mind the sound of the soft hum that many cooling systems make. You should also avoid placing your wine cabinet in an uninsulated space that experiences large temperature fluctuations, such as a garage, or in a spot where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Some wine cabinets are made to withstand temperature fluctuations and may be suitable for garage or basement installation. Be sure to check the owner's manual of your new wine cabinet for further installation requirements.

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