What is a Temperature-Controlled Wine Storage Cabinet?

Vinotemp under stairs wine cabinet

A wine cabinet is a furniture-style piece that has similar features to a wine cellar.

Inside the wine cabinet are racks that hold wine bottles horizontally. A cellar cooling system works to keep a steady temperature inside the cabinet while also maintaining humidity. Wine cabinets also have a digital control panel, interior lighting, solid or glass doors, leveling legs, and an exhaust for the cellar cooling system. Unless a cabinet is pre-made, it can be customized to match the style of a room. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for a temperature-controlled wine storage cabinet.

What is Your Budget?

Before you begin exploring your wine cabinet options, determine your budget. A good wine cabinet will start at around $2,000 and increase in price depending on the features you choose and the bottle capacity. In your budget, you should also include shipping and unloading/installing the cabinet once it arrives at your house.

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Custom Wine Cabinets by Vinotemp, Fig & Olive Restaurant, Chicago, IL

How Much Storage Space Do You Need? What Type of Racking is Needed?

Determining bottle capacity is essential. You will want to leave room for all of your future purchases and ensure you do not have crates of wine cluttering your home. To determine your bottle capacity, take how much wine you currently own and double that amount. You will also want to look through your collection and see if you require storage for bottles that are not standard 750ml size, such as splits or magnums.

Where Will You Be Placing Your New Wine Cabinet?

Once you have a specific wine cabinet in mind, you will want to map out where to place it. Wine cabinets are heavy, especially when fully loaded with wine. For example, a 440-bottle wine cabinet, when filled, will weigh approximately 1,430lbs. The location you select should have a hard and level floor. The room should not have an ambient temperature hotter than 80◦F. Some cellar cooling systems may withstand higher temperatures. You should also place your cabinet in a spot where the cooling unit can exhaust properly. Required clearance will depend on the location of the exhaust. For example, a wine cabinet with a front exhaust can be built into an unused closet or recessed into a wall. Lastly, the cooling unit contains a motor that will produce some noise when in operation. Take noise into account when selecting a location.

What Style of Cabinet Do You Want?

Wine cabinets are made in a wide variety of styles that can suit any room. Modern wine cabinets feature all-glass doors, pole handles, and metal wine racking. Traditional wine cabinets use warm wood tones and all-wood racking. Rustic wine cabinets may have solid doors with a weathered finish and all wood wine racking. Most wine cabinets are made to order, which means there is an opportunity to create a custom cabinet that matches your taste.

Buy a Temperature-Controlled Wine Cabinet Today

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