What is a Self-Contained Wine Cooling Unit?

A self-contained cooling system installed inside a wine cellar.

Civilizations have been cellaring wine for nearly 4,000 years.

The first wine cellars were simple spaces designed to keep the wine cool and out of the sun. Today’s wine cellars have certainly evolved to favor similar conditions in a precisely controlled environment. Since most wine collectors do not have access to a wine cave, they must keep their precious collections in insulated rooms that use a cellar cooling system. There are multiple cellar cooling units, including self-contained wine cooling systems. Read on to learn about the different kinds of cellar cooling units.

Self-Contained Cooling Unit

Self-contained cooling units are designed for easy installation, with the condenser and evaporator inside one compact appliance. Installing a self-contained unit is simple and often does not require an HVAC technician. Self-contained systems can maintain a steady temperature between 50~65 °F when installed inside a properly insulated wine room. Humidity can be maintained within 50~75% RH, perfect for the long-term storage of wine. Self-contained cooling systems can be designed with a rear, top, or ducted exhaust, which allows them to be used for multiple types of installation. Self-contained cooling units are sometimes referred to as thru-the-wall cooling units.

Split Cooling Systems

A split cooling unit consists of an evaporator and a remote condensing unit. A liquid and insulated suction line connect the two pieces. Split cooling units require professional installation by a certified technician. The condensing unit can be located up to 75 ft away from the wine cellar, which helps to isolate the compressor’s noise and vibrations. Like a self-contained cellar cooling unit, they can maintain a temperature of 50~65 °F and humidity of 50~75% RH. Split cooling units are available with an air-cooled or water-cooled condenser and can be used for various applications.

Ducted Cooling Systems

A ducted cooling system delivers cool air to a wine cellar through ducts. The unit can be installed up to 25 ft away from the cellar, which helps to reduce noise. Like a self-contained and split cellar cooling unit, they can maintain a temperature of 50~65 °F and humidity of 50~75% RH. Vinotemp has multiple options of split or package ducted cooling systems to meet various installation requirements.

Add a Cellar Cooling System to Your Cellar

Whether you are looking for a cellar cooling unit for a wine cabinet or cellar, Vinotemp offers various cooling systems so you can age your wine under the best conditions. Our cooling units will keep your wine at the ideal temperature and humidity, just like the wine caves in France, self-contained, split, or ducted. Contact us today with our Contact Form for more information about Wine-Mate cooling systems.