Wall-Mounted Wine Rack vs. Tabletop Wine Rack --- Which is Best for You?

When shopping for wine racks, you have probably noticed many different types of wine racks to choose from.

From countertop styles to modern peg racking, which type of rack is the best fit for your collection? Today, we discuss tabletop wine racks vs. wall-mounted wine racks to help you make the best choice when purchasing a new wine rack.

What is a Tabletop Wine Rack?

A tabletop wine rack is a wine rack that can be used on a table or counter. Ranging in style from traditional to contemporary to modern, countertop wine racks may also be made from various materials ranging from wood to ceramic. Tabletop styles typically hold between one to twelve wine bottles. They are easy to use and require little to no assembly. Their compact design is perfect for small spaces or those who do not collect large amounts of wine. Tabletop wine racks may also be used for entertaining, to organize a few bottles for a dinner party. Since most tabletop wine racks have a lower bottle capacity than wine racks designed for the floor or wall, they may not provide enough storage space for wine collectors.

What is a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack?

A wall-mounted wine rack is a style of wine rack mounted to a flat, vertical surface such as a wall or inside a cabinet. Wall-mounted wine racks range in style from contemporary to ultra-modern, creating a dramatic and eye-catching display from any wine collection. Wall-mounted wine racks can hold anywhere from one to thousands of bottles. Wall-mounted wine racks are primarily modular, which means you can buy a single wine rack for one bottle or thousands of wine racks for extensive wine collections. Wall-mounted wine racks do require assembly and must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. By carefully installing wall-mounted wine racks, you can extend the life of your wine rack while keeping your collection securely in place.

Should I Buy a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack or Tabletop Wine Rack?

The type of wine rack you need largely depends on a few factors.

1. How much wine would you like to store? If you are trying to provide a home for a larger wine collection, a wall-mounted option is best. If you want to display a few of your best bottles, a tabletop wine rack will suffice.
2. How much space do you have? A compact tabletop wine rack will work well in a small space, but groups of wall-mounted wine racks will require a larger room.
3. How much wine will you purchase in the future? If you love to collect wine, you should make room for future bottles in addition to your current collection.
4. What is your budget? Both tabletop and wall-mounted wine racks are available at a range of prices.

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