Up and Coming American Wine Regions

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Six Up and Coming Wine Regions You May Not Have Heard Of

When thinking of popular American wine destinations, California’s Napa and Sonoma are always front of mind. Today we are listing six up and coming regions you may not have heard of, that are not only a source for delicious wine, but have plenty of adventure to make a memorable wine vacation.

train through vineyard
Napa Valley Wine Train (image source)

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Texas Hill Country Wine Trail (image source)

1. Texas Hill Country, Texas: The scorching temperatures of Texas are creating the ideal conditions for some incredible big red wines such as Syrah and Tempranillo. The Texas Hill Country Wine Trail has over 50 wineries that have their own unique style of winemaking. The region is also famous for its wildflower bloom in the spring.

2. Finger Lakes, New York: The stunningly beautiful Finger Lakes region is becoming synonymous with varietals that thrive in cooler temperatures, such as Rieslings. There are not one, but three wine trails to explore; the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, Keuka Lake Wine Trail, and Seneca Wine Trail.

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Anderson Valley, California (image source)

3. Anderson Valley, California: Another region with a cooler climate, the Anderson Valley produces successful French-style wines such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Anderson Valley also hosts multiple wine festivals, including the Winter White Wine Festival and Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival.

4. Verde Valley, Arizona: Meander along the Verde Valley Wine Trail for Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel, and other big reds. Located in the northern part of Arizona, they are quickly gaining a reputation for outstanding sparkling wines. The area also boasts hiking trails, monuments, ghost towns, casinos, and art museums.

5. Grand Valley, Colorado: The Grand Valley is approximately 4,700 feet above sea level and experiences intense sun for 300 days a year. As a result of its microclimate, the region produces wine grapes with intense flavors. Twenty-two wineries with their own unique blends are dotted throughout the area, many within biking distance of each other.

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Chestnut Oak Vineyard in Monticello (image source

6. Monticello, Virginia: Monticello regards itself as the birthplace of American wine, but the area grew stale for many years. More recently, passionate wine makers have reinvigorated the Monticello region, making award winning Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Viognier. Thirty-five wineries provide endless options and there are many historical sites to explore.

Have you travelled to any of these lesser known wine regions? Was there a memorable wine you sipped? Tell us below.