Storing Larger Format Bottles

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How to Store Large Format Wine Bottles

Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, Jeroboam, Magnum, Imperial --- large format wine bottles have intimidating names to match their size. Large format bottles have become increasingly popular over the years for a number of reasons. The bottles are made from a thicker glass, protecting its contents from light, temperature fluctuations, and vibrations. The more wine housed in a bottle, the smaller the surface area to the cork. This means wine will age more slowly and gracefully. Large format bottles are also a smart investment as large bottles are produced in smaller amounts and at a higher price point. Their rarity means their value will appreciate.

Below is a list of large format wine bottles and their sizes.

Large Format Wine Bottle Sizes
1.5 L Magnum
Equal to 2 standard 750ml bottles
3.0 L Double Magnum
Equal to 4 standard 750ml bottles
4.5L Jeroboam
6 standard 750ml bottles
6.0 L Imperial
8 standard 750ml bottles
9.0 L Salmanazar
12 standard 750ml bottles
12.0 L Balthazar
16 standard 750ml bottles
15.0 L Nebuchadnezzar
20 standard 750ml bottles
While it is fun to buy and consume large bottles of wine, it can be complicated trying to find a proper storage solution. Most wine racks and refrigerators are designed for a standard 750ml Bourdeaux bottle. The good news is that there are practical storage solutions that will work for you and your diverse collection. No matter which option you choose, always pay careful attention to the dimensions of the wine bottle you are trying to store and the dimensions of your storage selection.

Use Diamond Bins

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Custom wine cellar by Vinotemp with diamond bin wine racks
A practical and economical option is to incorporate diamond bin racking into your cellar. These racks are designed with more open space, allowing you to store bottles that are a non-standard size or shape. You may also use them for bulk storage. Another advantage of these racks is they are modular which means you can add more racks as your collection grows.

Flip the Bottle Upside Down…

One option is to select a wine rack that supports the bottle by its neck and not the body. Be careful to select a rack that can sustain the weight of the bottle as well as the width of the bottle’s neck.

Larger Format Wine Racks

Vinotemp has a selection of magnum wine racks that will safely support champagne or larger pinot noir bottles. Styles range from stainless wall-mounted wine racks to floor or tabletop wood racks. Select Vinotemp wine refrigerators have adjustable racking or bulk storage that can accommodate larger bottles.

Customize if Possible

wine cellar 3
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp
If you are in the beginning phases of building a wine cellar or cabinet, remember to incorporate space for larger wine bottles. Working with a professional who can help you plan your cellar will give you the freedom to store a variety of bottle sizes. Since some large format bottles are as tall as they are wide, sometimes the smartest solution is to store them upright on a flat surface, such as a tasting table or shelf.

While large format wine bottles are not as common as standard 750ml bottles, they are worth purchasing and storing. Vinotemp specializes in wine storage and has multiple options to help you store bigger bottles. If you need assistance finding a solution that works for you, please contact us with our Contact Form.