Signs You Need a New Microwave

Your microwave has served your household well for many years, but it shows some signs of wear.

You may begin to wonder if you will need to buy a new one as soon as possible or if it is something that can easily be fixed. Let’s discuss some important signs that you will need to purchase a new microwave soon.

Poor Performance

One of the first signs that your microwave needs to be replaced is incorrect cooking times. For example, if your microwave is not cooking your food as quickly as it normally would, this is often a sign your microwave is near the end of its lifespan.

Smoking, Sparking, Burning Smell

Is your microwave smoking, sparking, or does it smell like something is burning? Any of these are serious signs that your microwave should be replaced. If you notice any of these, discontinue the use of your microwave immediately.

Odd Noises

Is your microwave making strange noises? If you hear sounds like rattling, grinding, or parts hitting each other, this may signify a bigger problem. Often you may hear these noises when the turntable is displaced, but if it is not, it could be time for a new microwave.

Door Issues

If the door of your microwave is cracked or if the gasket is not properly sealing, you should discontinue the use of your microwave immediately. The door is an important feature that keeps radiation safely inside the microwave.

Buttons Stopped Working

If you find it hard to trigger the buttons on your microwave even after a good cleaning, it is time for a new microwave.

Your Microwave is Old

Lastly, is your microwave older than ten years old? While your microwave may still be working, there is still the opportunity to upgrade to a newer, more efficient unit.

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