Should You Build a Custom Glass Wine Cellar or Cabinet?

Custom Glass Wine Room by Vinotemp

Modern wine cellars have evolved from dark, cave-like rooms into airy, glass-enclosed structures.

Displaying your wine collection behind glass creates a beautiful piece of art in your home while also creating a feeling of open, unobstructed space. Your wine will look like shiny jewels on display. If you are set on this modern style of wine storage, you may be asking yourself if you should select a wine cellar or cabinet.

Begin the decision-making process by exploring the following questions:

1. What is your budget for this project? If you select a wine cellar, you will need to account for the room to be prepared with a proper vapor barrier, door, wine cellar cooling system, racking, flooring, lights, and more. Wine cabinets are less costly than traditional wine cellars and require fewer decisions. When purchasing a wine cabinet, the costs are the initial purchase and shipping.

2. How big is your wine collection? If your collection is small to medium-sized, then a cabinet is a great storage option. If your collection is large and ever-expanding, a wine cellar is a better fit.

3. Do you plan on moving? If you consider your home to be temporary, investing the time and money on a wine cellar is not ideal. A moveable wine cabinet is a better option as it can go with you to your new home and can be installed easily.

Whether you choose a wine cellar or wine cabinet, your new modern glass storage solution is sure to be a show-stopping piece! Whether shopping for a cabinet, cooling system, or wine racking, Vinotemp has many options to help you store your wine in style. Contact us today with our Contact Form to get started!

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