Protecting Your Wine from Freezing Temperatures

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Having the correct balance of temperature and humidity is vital in the proper storage and aging of wine.

This means that, during the winter months, wine should be protected from sub-freezing temperatures. Due to its alcohol content, wine has a lower freezing temperature than most other fluids, but it can still happen in extreme conditions. Have you ever placed a bottle of wine in the freezer only to forget that it was in there? You may have returned to find that your beautiful bottle of chardonnay had transformed into a bit of a “Winecicle”. The same thing can happen when the ambient temperature of a cellar drops too low.
Those living in areas that experience extreme winter storms and sub-freezing temperatures should consider safeguarding their wine against the elements. Freezing can change the flavor of your wine and may even cause the wine’s seal to become compromised. This happens when the wine freezes and pushes the cork out, exposing the wine to the spoiling effects of oxidation.

In fact, the ideal conditions for the aging and storage of wine are 55 degrees Fahrenheit with 60% humidity. This means that even those who aren’t living in cold-weather climates may benefit from monitoring cellar temperatures and humidity during winter months.
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Residential Wine Room by Vinotemp

Here are a few suggestions that will help to protect your wine from freezing temperatures:

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Temperature Control Panel with Heating Function & Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Kit

• Install a temperature monitor such as a Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Monitor Kit. This affordable kit allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity of your wine cellar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, directly from your smart phone or web browser. This system will send updates and alerts any time the ambient temperature or humidity of your cellar falls outside of the optimal range.

• Add a Wine Bottle Probe to your cellar cooling system. The probe provides an accurate reading of the temperature of your wine by taking a reading from inside a wine bottle. This optional feature is available when purchasing a Wine-Mate cooling unit.
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Wine-Mate Wine Bottle Probe
As you can see, temperature is one of the most important aspects of wine storage and aging. It is vital to ensure that the proper precautions are taken to ensure that your collection is protected. Cold temperatures can damage wine just as much as hot temperatures so it is important to be properly prepared. Here at Vinotemp we want to make sure that your wine is safe and enjoyable. For more information about what preventative measures you can take to protect your wine, feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.