Perfect Halloween Wine Cocktails

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While the kids enjoy their Halloween candy, why not whip up a ghoulish treat and mix some festive cocktails for fright night.

From bloody Trinidad sours to pumpkin spice spritzers, pair these cocktails with a bucket of popcorn and a spooky film to end the evening. Today we are rounding up some yummy Halloween cocktails to sip and savor on Halloween. Here's the treat – they all involve wine. Cheers!

Blood Red Halloween Sangria by The Spruce Eats

Red wine, oranges, lemon, and ginger ale mix for a fun drink. You can even decorate the pitcher or glass with some fun gummy worms or a candy eyeball. Check out the recipe here.

Blood Letter Trinidad Sour Recipe from Wine Folly

If you love bitters, this cocktail is a must-try. The recipe calls for a high tannin red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Garnish with a lemon peel. Find the recipe here.

Pumpkin Spice White Wine Spritzer

If you are looking for a drink more appropriate for a harvest festival, a pumpkin spice white wine spritzer is the perfect match. White wine, pumpkin spice liquor, and cinnamon combine for a drink that tastes like the fall season. Check out the recipe here.

Devils Margarita by

This cocktail is a double dose of fun with both red wine and tequila. A splash of lime and simple syrup round out this cocktail that is sure to add some excitement to the evening. Find the recipe here.

Death in the Afternoon Cocktail by Country Living

This recipe has two simple ingredients; champagne and absinthe. With its intimidating name and bubbles, this drink will surely be a topic of conversation. This cocktail was a favorite of Ernest Hemmingway. Check out the recipe here.