Our Best Aerators

It is February and many of us are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While the children will distribute cards and treats to their class mates, us wine drinkers are imagining a nice dinner with a glass of wine. If you and your valentine are wine lovers, consider adding an aerator to your arsenal of tools to enhance the overall wine drinking experience. Sleek and compact, our aerators also make the perfect gift.

What does a wine aerator do?
While there are several different kinds of wine aerators, they all share the same goal; to enhance the flavors and aromas of your wine by adding oxygen. Since wine has been stored in barrels and bottles for the better part of its life, the molecules need a chance to mix with air in order to unlock its full potential. This is why you see vino experts swirling their glass before drinking.

Wine aerator vs decanter.
Another option is to use a wine decanter. Decanters serve a similar purpose to the wine aerator as they also allow the wine to breathe. Some decanters are even designed to work in conjunction with an aerator. The downside to a decanter is wine must sit for a good hour to two hours prior to serving. If you are anxious to drink your wine right away, having to wait is not convenient.

Below we round up our favorites, share how to use a wine aerator, and hopefully make it easy to pick the perfect one for you or a friend.

aerator 1
Epicureanist Oxygenating Wine Pourer

Epicureanist’s Oxygenating Wine Pourer is a must-have for your next picnic, vacation, or dinner party. Lightweight and compact, the easy-pour spout has grooves that aerate your wine as its poured. To use, simply place the aerator on top of the bottle and serve.

aerator 2

Epicureanist’s Glass Aerating Pourer

A classic, this pourer gently adds oxygen to your wine to open up its bouquets and subtleties. To use, insert the Glass Aerating Pourer into the bottle and pour. Its unique design aerates and helps to protect against drips.

aerator 3

Epicureanist’s Trilux Wine Aerator

The Trilux is the perfect aerator for both red and white wine. Featuring a patented design, it has three aeration levels; high, medium, and low. When you are ready to pour, select the level desired, then place the aerator atop a wine glass or decanter. This highly efficient aerator also has a non-slip grip and no-drip plate.

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