How to Entertain in 2020

Add a mini-cheese board to each table and load it with a selection of delicious cheese, crackers, fruit, and meat. Wine Bottle Cheese Board and Knife, $19.95

The safest way to serve your guests while following socially distanced guidelines is to offer individual servings of food and drinks and move the celebration outside.

Taking the proper steps will ensure your guests are comfortable while still providing a delicious feast. Luckily, Vinotemp’s online catalog is full of accessories to help you keep everyone safe while also creating an appealing spread.

cheese plate outdoors

For an outdoor, picnic-style party, set up a portable outdoor wine table to give your guests a solid surface to rest their wine glasses and snacks. You can even pre-portion their food onto these stylish tables. Epicureanist Portable Outdoor Wine Table, $31.99

different colored plate clips

When there are not enough tables outside to rest food and drinks, the next best thing is a stemware plate clip. Each clip attaches onto a plate and will hold a cocktail or wine glass. Stemware Plate Clips, $10.95

wine bottle outdoors with wine wrap

Give each table a bottle of wine and keep it cool using a chilling wrap. To apply, freeze the wrap beforehand and then pull it out right before the party begins. Your wine will remain nice and cool. Wine Bottle Chilling Wrap, $19.95

four writable stemless wine glasses

To ensure everyone can keep track of their wine, try serving using wine glasses that have a chalkboard label. Guests can write their names directly on the glass and prevent any mix-ups. Epicureanist Stemless Splat Chalkboard Wine Glasses, $29.95.

picnic with black wine bag

For those occasions when it is just you and a loved one headed to the park to relax and unwind, a wine tote can hold your wine and essentials. Epicureanist On-The-Go Tote, $39.95

Whether you are making dinner a special event or hosting a small gathering with loved ones, entertaining is easy with these accessories from Vinotemp. Check out the full selection here.

***Pricing as of September 2020. Prices subject to change.