How Tall is a Wine Fridge?

If you are on the hunt for the best wine fridge to match your storage needs, it is very important to select a size that works well within your space.

While height is certainly important, you should also pick a wine refrigerator that will match other criteria including your budget, space constraints, and style. Below we will discuss what to consider before you purchase, finding the best size wine cooler for you, as well as other features to look for when shopping.

What Size Wine Fridge Do I Need?

Before purchasing a wine chiller, there are important factors to consider. The number of bottles you currently own plus your purchase and drinking habits will affect how much wine your fridge will have to store. Next, analyze the space where you will install your new wine cooler. Will you be installing your wine fridge into a kitchen island? Are you looking for a tall refrigerated wine cabinet that will blend into existing cabinetry? Or would you like a counter height wine cooler that will fit seamlessly with your home bar or kitchen? Wherever the location, there is surely a wine fridge that will complement the space. Lastly, determine a budget. While wine coolers are much more cost effective than a traditional wine cellar, there are some cost considerations that may determine the size of cooler you are able to afford.

Find the Best Dimensions that Work for You

Since wine fridges are available in a wide variety of bottle capacities, their sizes vary. For example, a small countertop wine fridge that holds only 2 bottles is 11.4 inches wide and 10.3 inches in height. A mid-size undercounter wine cooler that holds 46 bottles is 23.5 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall. Most counter height built in wine refrigerators are between 34 and 35 inches tall. A large capacity wine cooler that can hold 300 bottles is around 29.5 inches wide and 74 inches tall. The more bottles you have to store, the wider and taller the wine fridge will be. This is why it is very important to plan out how many bottles you wish to store. Please make sure that before purchasing a wine refrigerator you pay attention to the dimensions listed on the product page and the installation instructions listed in the owner’s manual. On the Vinotemp website, you can easily shop wine refrigerators based on appliance width; 15-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch. These are all popular wine chiller sizes.

Other Features to Consider When Buying a Wine Cooler

In addition to size and/or height, there are many other wine refrigerator features to consider. As we mentioned above, picking the perfect space for your wine cooler is important. This is because you will need to know if you require a freestanding or built-in model. A freestanding wine refrigerator can be plugged in and used with little to no setup. Since the unit has a rear exhaust, it can not be housed inside cabinetry or it will not be able to function properly. If you want to place your new wine fridge into cabinetry, then a built-in unit is the best fit. These coolers have a front exhaust. If you love more than just one varietal of wine, you may require a wine refrigerator with multiple temperature zones. This allows you to store each type of wine at the best temperature or set one zone to serving temperature and one to storage. Next, think about the style of your space and pick a color that works with your aesthetic. Vinotemp wine coolers are available in a wide variety of finishes; stainless steel trim, mirrored trim, all black, panel-ready, and more. Since lighting can greatly affect the mood of a space, Vinotemp offers wine refrigerators with a variety of interior lighting colors including white, blue, amber, and purple. Racking can affect your overall experience storing and selecting wine. Racks include wire, wire with wood lip, gliding racks, telescopic racks, and more. The majority of modern wine refrigerators by Vinotemp have digital control panels that are easy to use. Some control panels are inside the fridge behind a locking door while some are placed on the front of the cooler. Lastly, would you like to store more in your wine refrigerator than just wine?

The Perfect Wine Refrigerator for You

To save energy, place the wine fridge in the coolest part of the room and away from any heat sources or direct sunlight. Ensure it has proper ventilation so it does not overheat. Do not allow the cooler door to remain open for extended periods. Frequently opening the door will negatively affect the internal temperature.

While the height of a wine fridge can certainly affect your options, there are many other factors to consider. If you have any questions or need assistance selecting the best wine cooler for you, please do not hesitate to contact our wine storage experts with our Contact Form.