How Tall is a Tall Wine Fridge?

As your wine collection continues to grow, you may be looking to the future and thinking about purchasing a larger wine cooler.

Many of us dream about owning a wine cellar that can house thousands of bottles, but the truth is it is often out of budget, or we do not have enough space. To meet the needs of serious wine collectors who cannot have a wine cellar, Vinotemp has created many functional and stylish large wine fridges. Just how tall is a tall wine fridge? Do you really need one?

Do I Really Need a Tall Wine Cooler?

There are several factors to consider before you invest in a large wine refrigerator. First, is there a need for a tall wine cooler? Tall wine fridges hold between 100 to over 300 bottles of wine. In addition, if you need more storage capacity than 300, you can purchase more than one unit and install them side by side. If you only keep a few dozen bottles of wine at a time, then a tall wine cooler may not be practical. On the other hand, if you have hundreds of bottles you need to store, a tall wine fridge is a practical solution. Next, do you have the space for a large wine cooler? We will dive into the details of dimensions in the next section. The area where you will install your new wine cooler should have a flat, level floor and should be able to sustain the appliance's weight when fully loaded with your wine collection. Also, the room you select should be insulated and maintain a steady temperature throughout the year without sudden temperature swings. Wine is sensitive to direct sunlight, so placing the wine cooler in a darker area of your home is ideal. Keep in mind select wine coolers are designed for outdoor use and can be installed in a garage or basement if needed.

Tall Wine Refrigerator Dimensions

Vinotemp tall wine refrigerators are approximately 74 inches tall or less. Each model varies by width, height, and depth. Taking the wine cooler’s dimensions into account is important because many larger wine refrigerators can be recessed into existing cabinetry. Models designed for built-in installation have specific clearance requirements to ensure they continue to function properly for many years and exhaust. You can find these dimensions by clicking on each model’s product page and scrolling to the features or reading the owner’s manual for installation instructions.

Here are a few of our favorite tall wine refrigerators and their dimensions:

cooler installed into dark brown cabinets

The EL-BWC30TB-S Wine Cooler and Drawer is an entertainer’s dream. You can store approximately 135 bottles of wine in the upper zone and use the two bottom drawers for beer and other beverages.

Dimensions: 29 1/2"W x 27 1/10"D x 74"H

wine cooler with open door

Vinotemp’s Garage 300-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler (Left Hinge) can be installed in a garage or basement. It features a solid insulated door and can withstand ambient temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This impressive wine storage solution has wood shelving, a charcoal filer, a PTC heater, a door lock, and LED interior lighting.

Dimensions: 29 5/8"W x 27 1/2"D X 74"H

stainless trim cooler installed into light kitchen

The EL-168ZZ-SD Stainless Single-Zone Wine Cooler has room for up to 157 standard full-size bottles. Behind is dual-pane glass doors are a powerful compressor cooling stem and Prism™ Zig Zag Racks with acrylic strips and one bulk storage section. Vinotemp BioBlu™ LED lighting, digital temperature control, charcoal filter, and security lock are also included.

Dimensions: 23 2/5"W x 26 7/10"D x 73 3/5"H

dual door black trim wine cooler in wood cabinets

The stylish 36-Inch Double Door Wine Cooler by Vinotemp has many unique features. In addition to its two doors, it has two independent temperature zones that make it easy to organize your wine collection. Ouzo™ style wine racks can hold up to 180 standard bottles of wine. White LED interior lighting makes it easy to view the contents of the wine cooler.

Dimensions: 34 7/8” W x 24 3/4” D x 69 3/8” H

A large-capacity wine cooler makes it easy to store a large amount of wine without building a wine cellar. Need help finding the best wine cooler for your home or business? Contact Vinotemp today with our Contact Form.