How Much Does It Cost to Build a Wine Cellar?

It is no secret that wine cellars, both large and small, are not cheap.

According to, the average price of a wine cellar is $40,000. That amount goes up or down depending on the features chosen by the cellar owner. Let's explore the factors that influence the cost of a wine cellar.

Custom Residential Glass Wine Room Install by Vinotemp

Size of the Room

The room's size will determine how many bottles you can successfully store inside your new wine cellar and how many wine racks you should purchase. To plan how many wine racks you can fit inside the wine room and the best cooling unit for your space, you will need to provide specific details such as the room depth, room width, and room height. You will also be asked about the room's door's location and size and any previous cooling unit's location and dimensions. Trying to figure out what the best room for your wine cellar is? Select a location that does not receive direct sunlight in the afternoon, such as a basement, space under the stairs, or an unused closet.

Wine Racking

The style of wine racking and the number of wine racks will affect your wine cellar's cost. Take inventory of how many wine bottles you currently own, and be sure to leave enough space for your future purchases. When determining your storage capacity needs, a good rule of thumb is to double the amount of wine you currently own. Also, check for any oddly shaped bottles that are not the universal 750ml size. Bottles such as magnums and splits require special wine racking.

Cooling Unit

As we mentioned above, the room's size will determine the kind of cellar cooling system you need. You will need to know the square footage of your room when selecting a cellar cooling system. Your new cellar refrigeration system will need a place to exhaust warm air. Depending on the unit chosen, your new cellar refrigeration system will have a condensing unit and an evaporator unit, similar to an air conditioner. While self-contained cellar cooling units do not require HVAC technicians for installation, split and ducted cooling systems require a certified refrigeration technician.


Your wine cellar should not just be functional; it should be beautiful. There is plenty of opportunity to customize and add your style to a wine room. Love modern spaces? Try all-metal wine racking and request glass walls and doors. If traditional wine cellars are more your style, use all wood wine racks, wood flooring, and French doors.


You may be considering a contractor for your wine cellar project, and their services will significantly impact your cellar budget. Wine racking manufacturers can advise you on the racking you will need, manufacture or supply the wine racks, and provide the cooling unit. You will need a contractor to handle other aspects of your cellar project, such as insulation, lighting, painting, flooring, installation, and more.

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