How Long Should a Wine Fridge Last?

Before you buy a new wine refrigerator, you may be wondering how long it will last.

The average lifespan of a wine cooler is 10 to 15 years. While every brand will promise you a high-performance appliance that will last many years, once the appliance is installed in your home, it is subject to your unique habits. Ensuring your new appliance will meet the 10-to-15-year threshold largely depends on how it is installed, maintained, and used.

How Do I Take Care of My Wine Cooler?

Every appliance has its own set of guidelines that the owner should follow to keep it running smoothly. When it comes to wine refrigerators, you should follow these basic guidelines:

1. Read the owner's manual thoroughly and pay attention to the installation requirements provided by the manufacturer. Every wine cooler has its own set of installation steps, including providing the unit with a grounded electrical outlet, adequate clearance, and more.
2. Unless the wine refrigerator is designated for garage or outdoor use, it should be installed inside an insulated space with a steady temperature that falls within the ambient temperature range specified by the manufacturer.
3. Install your wine cooler away from direct sunlight and heat.
4. Be gentle with your wine cooler. Do not slam the door shut like you would a kitchen refrigerator.
5. Clean the inside and outside of the wine fridge regularly using a clean, damp cloth. Wipe up any spilled liquid quickly to prevent mold from growing inside the unit.
6. When accessing the contents of the wine refrigerator, avoid pulling out all the shelves at once. Instead, pull only one shelf out at a time to prevent the unit from falling over.
7. Finally, one of the best ways to own a wine cooler that will last for many years is to purchase from a reputable brand and add on an extended warranty to assist with any service issues that may arise.

The lifespan of a wine cooler largely depends on if it is properly installed and maintained. With proper maintenance, a wine cooler may work for even longer than a decade. If you need assistance selecting the right wine fridge for your collection, feel free to contact us with our Contact Form, or shop our online catalog 24/7.