How Long Do Wine Cellar Cooling Units Last?

Self-contained cooling unit installed inside a wine cellars

When planning a suitable wine storage solution for your wine collection, you may be wondering if your wine cellar needs a cellar cooling unit.

If you are planning to store your wine inside a cellar that does not maintain a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, you will need a cellar cooling system. Wine cellar cooling systems are an investment, and because they are not cheap, you may question whether or not they are worth it.

Is a Cellar Cooling Unit the Same as an HVAC?

While both a cellar cooling system and an air conditioner can lower the temperature in a room, there is a key difference. Air conditioners are designed to remove humidity from a room. A cellar cooling system will maintain the humidity inside a cellar. Humidity maintenance is important because it prevents the cork of the wine bottle from drying out, preserving the seal and thwarting oxidization.

What is the Lifespan of a Cellar Cooling System?

The lifespan of a cooling unit varies. A well-maintained and properly installed cellar cooling system can last decades or longer. A cheap system that has not been installed properly or has not been maintained will fail within one to five years.

How Do I Take Care of My Wine Cellar Cooling System?

Before cleaning your cellar cooling system, check its owner’s manual for specific care instructions. Always power off your cooling unit before beginning service.

Cleaning a cellar cooling system is easy. Maintenance should be performed every six months. After powering off the system, clean the condenser with a condenser brush or vacuum cleaner with extended attachment. Wipe away any excess condensate accumulated on the condenser during high humidity conditions.

*Always consult your cellar cooling system’s manual for cleaning instructions.

Should I Buy a Cellar Cooling System?

Wine is a delicate substance and can quickly spoil when stored under the wrong conditions. To ensure your wine ages gracefully, add a cellar cooling system to your cellar. A cellar cooling unit can last for decades as long as it is maintained properly.