How Does a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Work?

Modern wine racks create the illusion of wine bottles floating on a wall or from a ceiling.

These stylish and space-saving wine racks are practical for both new and serious wine collectors because you can hang one rack or many depending on the needs of the wine collection. How do these wall-mounted wine racks work? Where should they be installed? Here are some tips and tricks for installing a hanging wine rack.

What is a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack?

A wall-mounted wine rack is a securely installed rack on a vertical surface. In addition to walls, hanging wine racks can be installed inside cabinets or anywhere wine storage is needed. In general, most wall-mounted wine racks have arms or pegs that hold the wine bottle horizontally so that the liquid inside the bottle touches the cork. Wall-mounted wine racks may be multiple racks mounted to a metal frame or peg-style racks where each peg is mounted to a wall individually. Hardware is needed to fasten the wine rack to the vertical surface.


The best vertical surface or wall for your wall-mounted wine rack can properly withstand the weight of the wine rack when fully loaded with wine. Vertical wine racks can be hung on tile, rock, concrete, wood, sheetrock, and other decorative surfaces. It is preferred that hanging wine racks be secured onto a solid wood back or wall studs to ensure strength and longevity. You can also work with a contractor to select the best location for your wine collection, especially when creating a larger installation from wall-mounted wine racks. It is also possible to use masonry or dry-wall anchor systems to mount a hanging wine rack.

Hanging a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Before you hang your wine rack, read through the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the strongest and most reliable installation. Here are general instructions for mounting a hanging wine rack system, giving you an idea of the installation process.


● Measuring tape
● Stud finder
● Hammer
● Pencil
● Drill
● Screwdriver
● Hardware provided with your wine rack


1. Select the best location for your new wine rack. Pick an area where the wine will not be exposed to direct sunlight and where there is enough clearance for people to walk by without knocking the wine down from its rack.
2. Use your stud finder to find the stud in the wall where you will mount the wine rack. The stud will provide the proper support needed to hold the rack in place when loaded.
3. Once you have located the stud, use a pencil to mark where the hardware should be placed. Depending on the type of hanging wine rack you have selected, each piece will need to be spaced a specific distance. This may also be dependent on the size of wine bottles you are storing.
4. After marking where the hardware should go, drill holes for the mounting screws.
5. Last, bolt your wall-mounted wine rack into place.

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