How Do You Put a Wine Rack Together?

If you are contemplating purchasing a wine rack, you may be wondering how difficult it is to assemble.

The skill level required to build a wine rack largely depends on the wine rack you decide to purchase. For example, some wine racks arrive fully assembled and can be used right away, while others may require tools and an hour or two. Here we review three different types of wine racks; from no-assembly required to DIY, so you know what to expect when you order a wine rack from Vinotemp.

silver wine racks
Contemporary Peg Wine Racking by Vinotemp

Easy to assemble wine racks include our modular wine racks, snap and stack modular wine racks, stackable wine racks, and lower capacity styles such as the ceramic bottle wine racks and horseshoe wine rack. Vinotemp's wood modular wine racks can be assembled similarly to Lincoln logs, a popular childhood toy. Each piece of the modular wine racks has a notch into which another piece of wood is inserted. The pieces are stacked on top of each other until fully assembled. Vinotemp's stackable wine racks come fully assembled. If you decide to stack them higher than three units, you should anchor them to the wall. Tabletop styles such as the ceramic bottle wine rack arrive assembled and ready to use. The snap and stack modular wine rack can be assembled without tools; you "snap" each piece together.

Some wine racks will require you to use tools to make holes into a wall or backing board. For example, the Epic Metal Wine Racks will arrive assembled, but you will need to mount them to a wall. You will need to measure between the racks to ensure they are a safe distance apart, use a stud finder to locate the studs, and secure the wine racks to the wall using screws. When installing a peg wine rack, holes are drilled into a backing board or wall space, and then the peg is inserted.

Select wood wine racks will arrive unassembled. For Apex wood wine racks, you will need a hammer, power drill, level, nails, a brad gun with 1 ¼" nails, and Philips screws to attach the rack to the wall. You will need to carefully follow an assembly guide to put the wine rack together. Depending on how many wine racks you purchase and your knowledge of furniture assembly, you may need assistance.

Whether you select a wine rack that is easy to assemble or requires a little more skill, the final result will last you for many years. If you have any questions about putting a wine rack together, Vinotemp's cellar experts are ready to help. Feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.