How Do You Organize a Wine Rack?

If you already have a wine rack at home or are trying to plan how you will organize your wine collection, we have a few helpful tips to help you stay organized.

Organizing can be an enjoyable experience as you take inventory and undoubtedly remember how much fun you had purchasing wine. Additionally, organizing will make it much easier to find which bottle you would like to uncork next. Here are a few tricks to help you organize a wine rack.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Before you load your wine rack with wine, move it to the proper location where your wine can age properly. Place your wine rack on a level surface that can withstand the weight of the wine when fully loaded. Wine should be kept out of direct sunlight as harsh UV rays can damage it. Prevent unwanted vibrations that can kick up sediment inside the bottle by selecting an area of your home with little to no foot traffic. Wine ages best in a cool and insulated room with a consistent temperature around 55◦F. When loading the rack with wine, place the bottles in a horizontal position so that the liquid inside the bottle will keep the cork moist, preventing seepage.

Time to Organize

Once you have placed your wine rack in an ideal location, it is now time to add your collection. Here are a few ways you may organize your collection. Ultimately, how to categorize your collection is up to you and your personal preferences.

- Varietal: create one row for Merlot and one for Zinfandel

- Type: create one row for red and another for white

- Additional categories: vintage or date, cost, region, and producer

- Using a tag or label that hangs from the bottle's neck makes it easy to locate a bottle without having to move other bottles.

- Digital organization: Consider using an app to track your inventory so you can have access to your collection while on the go. Many apps have features that also allow you to keep tasting notes and shopping lists. If you prefer not to use an app, you can always create your own organization tracker inside of Excel by assigning each row or column a letter or number and then inputting the name of the stored wine. .

Lastly, consider your habits when organizing your wine rack. How you organize should be based upon your personal preferences. You can always play with various organizational techniques to find a system that works for you. Most importantly, ensure your wine is stored in the best environment, so it ages gracefully and tastes delicious once uncorked.

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