How Do You Hang Stemware?

Many avid wine collectors also have a large wine glass collection.

A good wine glass is important to the wine drinking experience as it can enhance the aroma and flavors of the wine. Glass is a delicate material, so it is important to keep your wine glasses safe, organized, and clean. There are multiple options for storing stemware.

Should I Store Wine Glasses on a Shelf or Rack?

Hanging wine glasses from a rack is ideal for several reasons. The glass can dry properly by hanging a wine glass upside down from its base. This method also frees up countertop or floor space while keeping the glass clean. However, keep in mind that storing wine glasses with the bowl facing down is only recommended for glasses with a thick stem and base. It is also important to install the wine glass rack in a low-traffic area where a curious pet or family member will not knock down the glasses. Whether you choose to hang your glasses or place them in a cabinet, always be sure to dry them using a gentle microfiber cloth to ensure they do not develop mold or mildew in storage.

Finding the Best Wine Glass Rack

Before investing in a new wine glass rack, ask yourself a few important questions.:

1. How much stemware do you own? How many glasses do you need to store?
2. Does your wine glass collection include stemless wine glasses?
3. Where will you install your new wine glass rack? Will it be mounted under cabinets or ceiling mounted?
4. In which room would you like to store your glassware? Is your kitchen, pantry, wine cellar, or dining room the most suitable location?
5. Last, set your budget for glassware storage.

Now that you know how many glasses you need to store, where you would like to install your new glassware storage, and your budget, check out some of the options that Vinotemp has to offer.

Wine Glass Rack Options

Vinotemp has many different wine glass rack options.:

● Under the Cabinet Mounted Wine Glass Rack: An under the cabinet mount can be screwed into the bottom of cabinetry to help keep your countertops free of clutter.
● Freestanding Wine Glass Rack: A standalone holder is perfect for renters because it does not need to be screwed into the wall or cabinetry. Freestanding wine glass racks can usually be placed on a tabletop or counter, creating a stylish display from your stemware.
● Ceiling Mounted Wine Glass Rack: A ceiling-mounted wine glass rack can be hung from the ceiling, helping to free up floor, wall, and counter space.
● Stackable Wine Glass Racks: A stackable wine glass rack can be placed on a table or countertop or stacked with wine racks.

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