How Do Wine Dispensers Work?

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A wine dispenser is a state-of-the-art appliance that provides the user with the ability to preserve and dispense wine.

Wine dispensers are commonly found at bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and in the homes of serious wine connoisseurs. If you are serious about wine and like the idea of pouring by the ounce and minimizing waste, a wine dispenser may be a worthwhile investment.

How Does a Wine Dispenser Operate?

A wine dispenser is a combination of both a wine cooler and a dispenser. The storage area of the dispenser is insulated and sealed to keep the wine at the perfect temperature. An uncorked bottle of wine is placed into the wine cooler, while the gas and wine tube are inserted into the bottle. Wine dispensers use food-safe nitrogen or argon gas, which replaces oxygen inside the bottle, preserving the wine and preventing oxidization. Wine dispensers generally have two different serving options; one is free-flowing, and the other will dispense wine by ounce. Wine will remain fresh and at the perfect serving temperature for several weeks or more.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wine Dispenser?

Owning a wine dispenser has many benefits and a few disadvantages. It is important to keep these in mind before you purchase a wine dispenser.


• Preserves opened bottles of wine for several weeks
• Allows you to dispense wine by the ounce
• Saves money by reducing wine waste
• A smaller appliance that can be installed on a tabletop or countertop
• Great for wine tasting parties and events
• No more broken bottles – wine stays put inside the dispenser
• Easy to use
• Wine will always be at the ideal serving temperature
• Wine dispensers are modular, which means you can add more units as needed


• Wine dispensers can be expensive
• The gas cartridge must be replaced
• Gas and wine tubes must be changed after regular use and wear

If you are ready for an all-in-one appliance that cools, preserves, and serves your wine at the optimum serving temperature, consider purchasing a wine dispenser. Trouble finding the right wine dispenser for your home or business? Contact us today with our Contact Form.