How Do Wine Cabinets Work?

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Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp

If you are a serious wine collector, you may be considering a temperature-controlled wine cabinet.

How do wine cabinets work? What is the difference between a wine cabinet and a wine cooler? Are wine cabinets worth it?

Standard Features of Wine Cabinets

A temperature-controlled wine cabinet is a furniture-style appliance designed to store wine. A well-made wine cabinet will protect your collection from wine’s enemies; temperature fluctuations, UV light, vibrations, and dry conditions. The interior of the wine cabinet is insulated, which helps the unit maintain the proper temperature. The wine cabinet’s doors are typically made from solid wood or doors with dual-paned glass windows and are sealed with a gasket. The workhorse of the wine cabinet is the cellar cooling system. The cellar cooling system maintains humidity while maintaining a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for the long-term storage of wine. A digital control panel is used to adjust and monitor the conditions of the wine cabinet. Inside the cabinet is sturdy wine racking that holds wine bottles horizontally, allowing the liquid inside the bottle to keep the cork wet. LED interior lighting is used to illuminate the cabinet's contents without adding heat.

What is the Difference Between a Wine Cabinet and Wine Cooler?

Both wine cabinets and wine coolers are designed for wine storage. Both appliances have insulated interiors, a cooling system, wine racking, a digital control panel, and doors. While they have many similarities, there are a few differences:
  • Size: Wine cabinets can be much larger than wine coolers. Wine cabinets are designed to house hundreds of bottles, even up to eight hundred. When compared to a wine cooler, they require more space.
  • Turnaround Time: Many wine cabinets are custom-made, resulting in a longer lead time. Once the cabinet has been made, it is delivered by a freight company specializing in moving large furniture.
  • Style: Wine cabinets resemble furniture more closely and wine coolers resemble kitchen refrigerators.
  • Price: As wine cabinets are custom made, they cost more.

Is a Wine Cabinet Worth It?

When it comes to owning a wine cabinet, there are many benefits. A wine cabinet is custom-made, which means you can select a style that will blend seamlessly with your interiors or act as a showpiece. Wine cabinets maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, which is important for aging wine. If something is wrong with your wine cabinet's cellar cooling system, you can have the cooling system fixed or replaced instead of repairing the entire appliance. Lastly, wine cabinets help you organize your collection and make it easy to see what wine you have on hand.

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