How Cold is Too Cold for a Wine Fridge?

A wine refrigerator can be the best environment for wine.

A wine cooler or wine fridge is an appliance that can maintain a steady temperature specifically for the storage of wine. A consistent temperature of 55°F is essential because the storage temperature can significantly affect the flavors and aromas of the wine. Both storage and serving temperature can impact the wine drinking experience overall. Since we know that wine prefers a cool temperature, how cold is too cold?

wine bottles in wine fridge
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How Cold Can My Wine Cooler Get?

While the focus is mainly on the interior temperature of a wine refrigerator, the ambient temperature is important, too. The ambient temperature is the temperature of the room in which your wine refrigerator is located. A wine refrigerator will run most efficiently when inside a room that can maintain a steady ambient temperature that falls within a designated ambient temperature range. Most wine coolers, unless designated otherwise, should be installed inside an insulated room away from direct sun exposure. For the most part, most Vinotemp wine coolers have an ambient temperature range between 41° - 100°F. Before purchasing your wine cooler, double-check its specifications to ensure you have a space that is best suited for your wine cooler that will allow it to run efficiently.

If you are worried about your wine freezing or being subject to cold conditions, Vinotemp has a wine storage solution for you. Please contact us with our Contact Form for help with your wine storage needs.