Get the Look with Vinotemp: Chevy Chase's 500-Bottle Wine Cellar

Image source: Redfin

Chevy Chase's estate in Bethesda, MD, is now on the market for $2.4 million and the internet is buzzing over his gorgeous colonial style home.

The main level is said to have all the amenities one could desire; a grand foyer, butler's pantry, kitchen with quartz countertops and professional-grade appliances, and a large dining room that's perfect for entertaining. The lower level of the 6,481 sq ft luxury property includes a recreation room with a wet bar and a temperature-controlled wine cellar complete with a self-contained cooling system. Today we will show you how to get the look of Chase's cellar, minus the wine.

Self-Contained Cooling System

First, let's start with the brain of any good wine cellar – the cellar cooling system. A cooling system is vital because it controls the temperature of the space and maintains humidity. Since wine is a delicate substance, it should be stored at a steady 55◦F. A self-contained cellar cooling system is easy to install because there is no drain. They are also customizable and can be outfitted for the rear, top, or ducted exhaust. Click here to check out Vinotemp's assortment of Wine-Mate self-contained cooling systems that are available for various installations.

black cooling system

Wine Racking

If the cellar cooling system is the wine cellar's brain, the wine racking is the skeleton. Wine racking is important because it accomplishes several things; it holds the bottle horizontally to keep the cork wet and prevent oxidization, and it keeps the collection organized. From what we can see, Chase has selected a traditional style of metal wine racking that is wall-mounted. Wall-mounted wine racks are great because they allow you to take advantage of vertical space and free up floor space. As you can see, Chase is using the floor space of his wine cellar to store wine crates. To get this look, use Epicureanist's metal wine racks available in a variety of colors and bottle capacities. Click here to shop Epicureanist epic metal wine racks.

wire racks on wall

Additional Suggestions

Here are a few additional items we would suggest for this style of wine cellar:

• Add a wine bottle temperature probe to ensure the wine is staying at the best temperature at all times, especially during harsh Maryland winters.
• Add additional racking. It is clear to see that Chase has outgrown the wine racking available inside the cellar. To maximize space, add peg wine racks or more epic metal wine racks.
• Add a wine cooler. To further organize the collection, Chase could add a wine refrigerator outside his cellar or to his kitchen to store bottles that should be uncorked in the near future. This would also help to free up storage space inside his main wine cellar.
• Also, note that the wine cellar is located on the lowest level of the home. Chase's architect or designer undoubtedly selected this spot because it is in an area that will not receive direct sun. Heat and UV-rays are two of wine's enemies.
• The cellar has a thick glass door that more than likely has a seal around it. This ensures the cellar stays well insulated while still allowing Chase and his guests to admire his impressive wine collection.

We hope you have enjoyed this first post of "Get the Look with Vinotemp." Let us know if there is another celebrity or non-celebrity wine cellar you would like us to showcase next. Ready to build your unique wine cellar? Contact us today with our Contact Form to chat with a cellar expert.