Does a Wine Cellar Add Value to Your Home?

Collecting wine has been associated with an elevated lifestyle for many years.

Even if you do not have a lot of money to spend, the chances are that you purchased a bottle of wine for a celebration or to serve with a meal at one point. If you wonder if a wine cellars will add value to your home, the answer is yes, for many different reasons.

wine cellar 1
Custom Under Stairs Glass Wine Cellar with Modular and Peg Racking by Vinotemp

Wine cellars are associated with tradition and class. Winemakers carefully follow time-honored traditions to produce a great-tasting product that is highly desirable. Once the consumer brings a bottle home, they follow traditions to ensure the wine tastes excellent once uncorked; storing the bottle in a specific environment, decanting the wine, serving the wine in wine glasses, and pairing the wine with a special meal. Wine collectors also take the time to learn more about the wine in their collection. From winemaker to the consumer, with so many traditions, it's no wonder that we associate everything around keeping wine with prestige.

Wine cellars are unique. While most homes will have a pool or game room, not every home will have a wine cellar. If you plan to resell your home in the future, the realtor will list the cellar as a home-selling feature. Not to mention, buyers who tour your home will undoubtedly remember it due to its eye-catching wine cellar.

Wine cellars are associated with a luxury lifestyle. Having the time to travel and collect wine, learn more about the different flavors and aromas, plus the time spent curating a collection, are all activities people dream about doing. Owning a home with a wine cellar says that you will dedicate time to enjoy one of life's pleasures.

Wine cellars are a standard feature within a specific price point. Today's buyers expect specific amenities to be standard when purchasing a home above a specific price. A game room, home theater, sauna, and wine cellar are just a few of the features buyers expect to see inside luxury homes.

Even if you do not have room for a traditional wine room, adding a wine refrigerator or wine cabinet to your home can increase its value. Luxury kitchens often have upgraded appliances such as an 8-burner range, large refrigerator, butler's pantry, wine refrigerator, beverage refrigerator and more.

Suppose a future buyer walks into your home and sees your wine cellar, wine fridge, or a wine cabinet. They will indeed associate your home with an upgraded lifestyle and all the benefits that come along with wine collecting. Adding a wine cellar to your home increases its value. If you have any questions about wine storage, please contact our cellar experts with our Contact Form.