Do You Need a Dual-Zone Wine Fridge?

All wine thrives at a storage temperature of 55F. While your wine collection may consist of a variety of different wines, it is safe to say that storing all of your wine at the same temperature will suffice.

Whether or not you need a dual-zone wine fridge will largely depend on how you plan to use your wine cooler. Here's what to consider when purchasing a dual-zone wine refrigerator.

Single vs. Dual-Zone Wine Coolers

Single-zone and dual-zone wine fridges both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If a unit is listed as a single-zone, it has only one interior storage space with no partition. A single temperature will be maintained to cool all wines to the same level. The efficiency depends on whether it is a thermoelectric or compressor-based system.

Pros of Single-Zone Wine Coolers:

• Maintain one steady temperature
• More economical than multi-zone wine coolers
• Cheaper than a wine cellar

Cons of Single-Zone Wine Coolers:

• Only one zone, no additional zone for serving temperature
• Some single-zone wine coolers have a lower bottle capacity

wine bottles in wine fridge
Vinotemp’s EL-300TS has a divider in the middle of the cooler that separates the two zones

If a unit is listed as a dual-zone, the cooler has two independent storage spaces. These refrigerators are designed with a partition in the middle, which may be horizontal or vertical. Each zone can maintain a separate temperature, with one zone for serving temperature and the other for storage temperature. The zones can also be used to organize wine by varietal. If the refrigerator is designed with a compressor-based system, there are usually two separate mechanisms. With thermoelectric units, there is only one mechanism.

Pros of Dual-Zone Wine Coolers:

• Perfect for those collecting a wide variety of wine
• Multiple independent zones make it easy to organize; designate for red and one for wine
• Designate one zone for serving temperature and one for storage
• Cheaper than a wine cellar

Cons of Dual-Zone Wine Coolers:

• All wines can be stored at a consistent 55◦F, which makes the second compartment irrelevant if you do not need an additional zone for serving temperature or to organize multiple varietals
• It can be more expensive than single zone wine coolers

Should You Buy a Single-Zone or Dual-Zone Wine Cooler?

Whether you need a single or dual-zone wine refrigerator largely depends on your wine drinking habits. If you are a casual wine drinker who does not need to keep bottles regularly at serving temperature, a dual-zone wine cooler may not be necessary. If you are a serious wine drinker with an extensive wine collection, a dual-zone wine cooler's benefits will be more to your advantage. You may use one zone for storage temperature and one for serving. You can also use the colder zone for the long-term storage of sparkling varieties. As mentioned, your collecting and consuming habits will determine which type of wine refrigerator is best for you.

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