Do They Make Wine Cabinets with a Built-in Wine Fridge?

Rustic Wine Credenza with Sliding Doors is one of the newest additions to our Wine Cellar collection.

By now, you know that wine needs to be stored under specific conditions to ensure it tastes as the winemaker intended once it has been uncorked.

Wine refrigerators and wine cabinets are just two of the ways to store wine. A growing trend in wine storage is a combination of the two. Wine cabinets are now made with a compartment made for a wine refrigerator. Combination wine cabinets and wine refrigerators are different from traditional wine cabinets.

Wine cabinets with a wine refrigerator inside are multifunctional. One part of the cabinet may have storage space for wine glasses, accessories, liquor, and any other items that may be used for entertaining. The other part of the cabinet has space for a wine refrigerator. When you have selected a bottle to uncork, you can close the door and conceal the wine refrigerator from plain sight.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to this style of wine storage. Design-wise, the beauty of a wood cabinet will add warm tones and style to any space. The wine refrigerator is hidden when not in use, keeping bottles safe from any harsh light, one of wine's main enemies. If the wine refrigerator is no longer operating, you can replace the refrigerator easily. There is also plenty of storage space for other items. This kind of storage's primary disadvantage is it has less bottle capacity than a traditional wine cabinet or a wine refrigerator. Limited storage space may not be an issue if you do not plan on expanding your wine collection anytime soon.

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