Create a Wine Tasting Space at Home

Wine Cellar Room

Creating a tasting space in your home can be a daunting task as an area for tasting cannot be distinctly defined or designed.

There are no rules as to what constitutes a room for tasting over another entertaining space, so it is important to think outside of the box and create a room that will suit its intended purpose. Whether you need a multi-functional space or one specifically for wine tasting, Vinotemp has many options to help you design a stunning space.
The key element of any tasting space is a tabletop surface on which to serve. This space will be used to pour wine and gather with friends. Some of our standalone wine storage options are topped with a functional serving table. Another option to consider is a wine credenza. A credenza can store wine and is low enough to serve as a bar or table. If you are looking specifically for a table, Vinotemp can custom build a table and incorporate wine barrel staves (pictured below).

wine furniture

Now that you have a surface to entertain your guests, it is important to create a storage space for your wine.

Select from a wine refrigerator, wine cabinet, or wine racking to keep your bottles at the proper temperature and close at hand. These attractive options will also keep your bottles organized while creating a beautiful display.
panel ready lifestyle
sonoma wine cooler
metal peg racking

You have your tasting space, a place to store your wine, and now you need the proper tools to serve.

From corkscrews, preservers, decanters, to thermometers, having the right tools is essential to any tasting experience.
metal peg racking 2
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