Cellar or Wine Room Design Trends for Your Home

Custom Wine Wall Cellar

An in-house wine cellar used to be basic wine racking installed in a basement.

An in-house wine cellar used to be basic wine racking installed in a basement. Over the past few decades, wine cellars have evolved into a luxurious addition that will add value to your home while making a distinct statement about one’s personal style. When it comes to design, anything goes. Some may prefer a traditional style wine cellar, while others want a more modern look. Today we are rounding up some of our favorite design trends to provide you with some inspiration.

Luxe Modern

Modern wine cellars break from traditional wood wine racking to incorporate acrylic cubicles, glass, suspended cable racking, and metal pegs. Bottles appear to be floating, giving the cellar some airy appeal. The overall look is luxurious, like each wine is a jewel on display.
commercial wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp
cellar in living room
Custom charcoal and glass cabinet with peg racking by Vinotemp
glass cellar
Silver Maple Construction Glass Cabinet (with peg racking), photo by Susan Teare

Cozy and Traditional

A traditional wine cellar is inviting and uses natural materials such as wood wine racking. The look is timeless, leaving visitors to wonder if the cellar is as old as the wine it houses or constructed during modern times.
red cellar
The contemporary wine cellar is fun but functional. It blends seamlessly into its surrounding décor and plays with more modern materials, softened silhouettes, and color.
cabinets next to bar
Custom Wine Cabinets by Vinotemp at Andiron Steak & Sea, Las Vegas, NV
cabinets in restaurant
Custom Wine Cabinet by Vinotemp at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV
Mirrored Wire Wine Cabinet
Custom Mirrored Wire Rack Cabinet by Vinotemp

Rustic Charm

A rustic wine cellar mixes natural elements such as wood and stone, features raw edges, and may include repurposed wine barrels or mixed metals such as copper and stainless steel.
cellar with barrel table
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp in Seattle, WA
brick and wood cellar
Residential Wine Cellar by Vinotemp
brick and wood cellar 2
Residential Wine Cellar by Vinotemp in Massachusetts

Italian Villa

The Italian villa style wine cellar has old world charm. Beautiful stone elements complement wood wine racking while dramatic accents such as chandeliers, wood beams, and shuttered windows add a stunning focal point.
cellar with wood table
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp

Simple but Maximized

With many cellar owners converting smaller spaces into a wine cellar, the ability to maximize every inch as storage space is a must. For tiny spaces, utilizing a simple and cohesive design makes the space feel larger than it is. For wine racks that extend floor to ceiling, add a ladder to make it easy to reach bottles that are out of arms reach.
cellar in glass room
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp at the Park Hyatt Hotel Restaurant at Carnegie Hall
all wood wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellar
No matter which style you choose, Vinotemp has the product and the know-how to make your cellar dreams come to life. Contact us today with our Contact Form to start working on your custom cellar.