Can You Store White Wine in a Wine Rack?

You may be wondering if white wine should be stored differently than red wine—all wine, whether white or red, thrives in conditions that mimic a wine cave.

A wine rack, wine cabinet, wine fridge, and wine cellar are all the perfect places to store your white wine. Here are a few basics to keep in mind when creating the best environment for your white wine to ensure it tastes delicious once uncorked.

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Wine Storage Fundamentals

Whether the wine you are storing is white or red, all wine will benefit from the ideal storage conditions. They are:

1. Consistently cool temperature between 45-65◦F, with 55◦F being the ideal temperature. This temperature will benefit all the wine in your collection.
2. Relative humidity around 70%.
3. A dark storage space, away from direct sunlight or bright lighting as UV rays can damage wine.
4. Stillness is essential as unwanted vibrations will kick up the sediment inside the bottle.

In addition to these conditions, you should store the bottle horizontally so that the liquid inside the bottle continuously touches the cork. The horizontal position will prevent any seepage.

Where is the Best Place to Store White Wine?

There are many options for wine storage. You may be tempted to use your kitchen refrigerator but should refrain from doing so long term. Your kitchen refrigerator's temperature is between 35-38◦F, too cold for white or red wine. The kitchen refrigerator is also too dry and contains other foods whose odors may taint the taste of your wine. Here are a few storage ideas that are not your kitchen fridge:

• Wine rack: There are many different styles of wine racks available. Some are wall-mounted, which means you can attach them to a wall and free up valuable floor space. Many wine racks are modular, so you may add more racks as your collection grows.
• Wine cooler: Wine coolers are a great economical storage option. Wine coolers are available with multiple independent temperature zones allowing you to keep one zone for white wines and a separate for red. Wine coolers are also very easy to install.
• Wine cabinet: Wine cabinets are furniture-style storage options with wine racks and a cellar cooling system that regulates the temperature inside the cabinet. Depending on which style you choose, wine cabinets are easy to install and require very little maintenance over time.
• Wine cellar: A wine cellar is either passive or active. A passive wine cellar is usually underground and takes advantage of the ground's naturally cool temperature. An active wine cellar has a cellar cooling system that controls the temperature and maintains humidity inside the cellar. Whether passive or active, wine racks are used to organize the wine collection.

Serving White Wine

While white wine, like red wine, can be stored on a wine rack under the same consistently cool temperature, the temperature requirements vary when it comes time serving the wine. Here is a breakdown of recommended serving temperatures for white wine.

• 54◦F: Full-bodied white wines (Muscat, Chardonnay)
• 52◦F: Medium-bodied white wines (Pinot Gris, dry Riesling)
• 50◦F: Light bodied white wines (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio)
• 48◦F: Sparkling white wines (Champagne, Prosecco)

If your wine has been stored at room temperature, place it in the refrigerator for an hour or two before serving. You can also place your bottle of white inside an ice bucket to chill before serving. Use a digital thermometer to take the temperature of your wine and determine if it is ready to serve. Don't forget that once the wine is poured into the glass, it will be warmed by the hands holding the glass.

Can you store your white wine on a wine rack? Absolutely. Just be sure to place your wine rack in a location where the wine can age gracefully. There are many storage options for white wine, including wine refrigerators, wine cabinets, and wine cellars. Serving temperature is different from storage temperature, and your white wine will taste best when served at a cooler temperature. Whether you are looking for the best storage option for your white wine or stylish serving options, Vinotemp has many different products to help you get the most out of your wine collection. Contact us today with your storage and serving questions with our Contact Form.