Can You Put a Wine Refrigerator on Carpet?

Installation, location, and maintenance are crucial to extending the life of your wine fridge.

Not only will these three factors help your wine cooler last for many years, but it will help to prevent any unwanted temperature problems. Today we are talking about all three of these important points plus whether or not you should place your wine cooler on the carpet.

Where Should I Put My Wine Fridge?

There are a few things to consider when picking the best location for your wine cooler.

Pick a spot that is level.

Wine refrigerators are made for flat surfaces. Avoid any place where your floor may slope up or down, in other words, the spot should be as level as possible. This will prevent your wine cooler from accidentally toppling over.

Can it support the weight of your wine?

The floor should be able to withstand the weight of your wine cooler when filled with bottles.

Lighting is important.

Avoid direct sunlight/UV rays. The darkest spot in the room is the best place for your wine fridge and your wine.

Temperature considerations.

The room should be insulated with a steady ambient temperature. Your wine cooler’s owner’s manual will provide guidance on the proper ambient temperature range for your refrigerator.

Where should I place a freestanding wine refrigerator?

A freestanding wine refrigerator cannot be recessed into cabinetry like a built-in model. Whether freestanding or not, clearance guidelines should be followed so the unit can exhaust properly. If the unit is designed for freestanding installation, it must have 6 inches of space at the back and 10-12 inches of space on either side. Never place a freestanding wine fridge inside a closet, underneath a counter or tabletop, or recessed into cabinetry.

Where should I place a built-in wine fridge?

Ensure your wine refrigerator has its own dedicated electrical outlet. It should never share an electrical outlet with any device or appliance. If the unit is designed for built-in installation (front exhaust) allow for a minimum of ¼ inch of clearance around each side and the top of the fridge.

Unpack with care.

If your wine refrigerator has just been delivered or has been set on its side for any period of time, you will want to place it right side up and let it settle for 24 hours before plugging it in. If it is in packaging, now would be the time to unpack it. We recommend leaving the door open to air out any existing odors. Clean the interior of your wine refrigerator with lukewarm water and a cloth. Do not use harsh detergents. Read your owner’s manual carefully and pay attention to the clearance guidelines.

Is it OK to Put a Wine Refrigerator on Carpet?

While some may believe that carpeting can help to dampen the noise of an appliance, when it comes to wine refrigerators, it should be avoided if possible. This is for several reasons. Spills and leaks are inevitable. If you spill on the carpet, any moisture can lead to unwanted mold and mildew. Not only is this unhealthy for wine, but it is also unhealthy for people. If you find you cannot avoid installing on the carpet, consider investing in a plastic appliance mat for your refrigerator. This will prevent any unwanted moisture from seeping into the carpet and collect any spills.

How Do I Clean My Wine Fridge?

Another important step to ensure your wine refrigerator provides you with many years of service is to perform routine cleanings. Before cleaning or performing any maintenance, you will need to power down and unplug the unit. To clean: use a clean cloth and wash the insides with a baking soda solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 1 quart of water. Dampen the cloth with the solution and wring out any excess moisture before you begin to wipe. The exterior of the wine cooler can be cleaned with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions. After cleaning, allow the interior of your wine refrigerator to thoroughly dry before placing the wine back inside.

close up of wine bottles on rack

Energy-saving tips:

To save energy, place the wine fridge in the coolest part of the room and away from any heat sources or direct sunlight. Ensure it has proper ventilation so it does not overheat. Do not allow the cooler door to remain open for extended periods. Frequently opening the door will negatively affect the internal temperature.

To prolong the life of your wine cooler, place it in the proper location, follow the installation guidelines carefully, and keep it clean and well maintained. Avoid placing it on the carpet if possible and if you must install your wine fridge on the carpet, please use an appliance mat. If you have any further questions about wine refrigerator maintenance or need assistance troubleshooting, please contact us with our Contact Form.