Can You Put a Wine Fridge in a Closet?

Wine coolers are often installed in kitchens, dining rooms, wine cellars, and anywhere wine is needed. Should you install a wine fridge inside a closet?

Should you install a wine fridge inside a closet? Read on to find out more.

Installation Tips

Wine refrigerators are designed for either freestanding or built-in installation. Freestanding wine fridges exhaust to the rear. The proper clearance guidelines must be followed carefully to prevent unwanted buildup of hot air and prevent overheating. Freestanding wine refrigerators must have a minimum of 6 inches clearance at the back and 10 to 12 inches of clearance on both sides, with nothing placed on top of the wine cooler. Built-in wine refrigerators exhaust warm air to the front. The exhaust sits below the door like a standard kitchen refrigerator. Most built-in wine coolers need at least ¼ inch of clearance on all sides, with nothing obstructing the front exhaust. Built-in wine fridges can be recessed into cabinetry.

*When installing a wine refrigerator, always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you allow for the correct amount of clearance.

Installing a Wine Cooler in a Closet

A closet is not always the best place for a wine cooler. Freestanding and built-in wine units need a certain amount of clearance to exhaust properly. Neither wine cooler type should be installed inside a compact closet where clearance guidelines cannot be followed. A large walk-in closet with ample room can house a wine cooler as long as clearance requirements can be met.

The Best Locations for a Wine Fridge

A wine refrigerator will work great in many locations. Here are some ideas:

● Kitchen: Wine coolers add function and luxury to the kitchen, giving you the convenience of having wine close at hand to serve guests.
● Wine Cellar: Adding a wine cooler to your wine cellar allows you to store wine at serving temperature or set aside which wine to open next.
● Dining room: Store wine near where it will be served.
● Basement or Garage: Select wine coolers are designed for use in garages or basements as they can withstand greater temperature fluctuations.
● Home bar: Keep your wine close to where you mix cocktails to keep the party going.

Wine coolers add convenience and beauty to any space while keeping your wine at the ideal storage or serving temperature. Wherever you install your wine cooler, follow clearance requirements closely to ensure your wine cooler lasts for many years. For specific installation requirements, always consult the owner’s manual that came with your wine cooler. If you have further questions about wine coolers, contact the Vinotemp experts with our Contact Form.