Brama Retro Refrigerator vs. Smeg Refrigerator

Are you trying to add a punch of color while incorporating style into your kitchen?

A retro fridge may be the perfect appliance to showcase your unique tastes. When shopping for your new vintage-inspired refrigerator, you may come across both Brama and Smeg retro refrigerators. Here’s how they compare.

Brama Retro Refrigerator

Brama’s Retro Refrigerator is the perfect size for an apartment or smaller kitchen. It is available in three signature hues; red, black, or white. Inside the refrigerator are an interior light and metal racking that can hold your favorite beverages. Adjustable shelving makes it easy to organize your food and drinks. The bottom includes bulk storage to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh. Behind the door is plenty of storage for your favorite condiments, butter, and more. A freezer is included, the ideal size for ice cream and a stack of ice trays.

red smeg fridge
Smeg Full Size Refrigerator (Image Source: West Elm)

Smeg Full Size Refrigerator

Just like the Brama Retro Refrigerator, Smeg’s Full Size Refrigerator is perfect for a small kitchen or apartment living. It has a similar solid curved door with a stainless handle. Inside the refrigerator is an interior light, adjustable shelves, plus a metal rack for beverages. The door includes multiple racks to organize condiments and drinks. Like Brama, a top freezer has enough space for frozen desserts, tv dinners, and ice.

$1,595.00 plus shipping
$1,999.00 plus shipping
24"W x 24 2/5"D x 60" H
23.66”W x 30.25”D x 60.25”H
9.92 cu. ft
9.92 cu. ft
Interior Light
Top Freezer
Yes, plus an ice tray
Number of Shelves
4 adjustable shelves, 1 metal rack, 4 rows of storage behind the door
3 adjustable shelves, 1 metal rack, 5 rows of storage behind the door
Bulk Storage
Cooler Temp Range
32° - 50°F
28° - 37°F
Freezer Temp Range
-13° - 5°F
Black, white, or red
Yellow, black, blue, white, beige, red, light blue, mint, or orange

*Prices as of June 2021. Pricing subject to change.

Brama vs. Smeg

How does the Brama Retro Refrigerator compare to Smeg’s Full Size Refrigerator? The two models are very similar, but Smeg offers a wider range of colors to choose from. Brama offers red, black, or white. Inside the refrigerator, the amount of storage and racking is nearly the same. Smeg does have the advantage of including an ice tray with its freezer. The primary difference between Brama and Smeg is the price. Brama’s refrigerator is $1,595.00 and Smeg’s is $1,999.00. Smeg is a very popular brand, but if you are a budget-conscious consumer looking for a similar style at a lower cost, Brama is a great option.

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