Best Place in Your Home to Put a Wine Rack

Wine racks are versatile wine storage solutions because they can be installed in a variety of locations.

Whether you would like to add a wine rack to your kitchen to organize a small collection or are looking to add wine racks to a future wine cellar, there are many ways to get creative with wine rack placement. Check out our suggestions below for some fresh ideas.

When planning the perfect location for your wine rack, keep an eye out for important conditions that must be met to ensure your collection looks attractive and ages gracefully. First, consider wine’s enemies. Your wine will flourish in a cool room with a stable temperature of 55◦F. You will also need enough humidity to prevent the corks from drying out. Wine should be stored in a dark location where it will not be exposed to direct UV rays or bright lights. Additionally, the location should be free from unnecessary vibrations such as constant foot traffic. Lastly, consider the weight of your wine collection. If you plan to install a wine cellar on the 2nd floor of your home, can the floor withstand the weight of your wine plus the wine rack?

Now that we have covered the basics of wine storage, here are some ideas of where to place your new wine rack.

On a Flat and Level Surface

Whether you are purchasing a freestanding wine rack placed on the ground or a wall mounted style, you will want to ensure the surface is flat and level. Ensuring the surface is level will prevent your wine rack from falling over when fully loaded or becoming warped over time.

Inside an Unused Closet

If you have an unused closet, it can be a great spot for wine. Some closets can even be modified with a cooling system and insulated door to create a wine cellar.

Inside the Pantry

While temperature and humidity control is important, sometimes you need to store a few bottles inside your pantry for convenience. If this is the case, try to pick a quiet corner of the pantry where the wine can rest undisturbed.

Inside a Wine Cabinet

Did you know that many different styles of wine racks can be installed inside a wine cabinet? Peg, traditional wood, cable, and metal wine racks can all be used in a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets are often built with insulation and a cellar cooling system, just like a traditional wine cellar.

Inside a Wine Room or Wine Cellar

A wine collector’s dream is a beautiful wine cellar with many wine racks to fill. Wine cellars may be passive, meaning they naturally maintain a consistently cool temperature and sufficient humidity. More often than not, wine cellars will need a cellar cooling system to help keep the bottles under the best conditions.

Whether you are placing your wine racks inside the pantry or a stylish wine room, select sturdy and eye-catching wine racks that will last for many years. If you need help picking the best wine racks for your collection, our cellar experts have been helping customers buy the best wine racks for over three decades. Feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.