Benefits of Owning a Wine Dispenser

The Vinotemp WineSteward™ Four-Bottle Wine Dispenser

Wine dispensers are the perfect addition anywhere wine is served, whether at home or in a restaurant.

Wine dispensers allow wine lovers to open a variety of wines without worrying about wasted wine. Wine drinkers can sip and taste to their heart’s content while the wine is perfectly chilled and preserved. Read on to learn more about the benefits of owning a wine dispenser.

What is a Wine Dispenser?

A wine dispenser is a self-contained system that both dispenses and stores wine. Wine dispensers feature a refrigerated chamber where wine is cooled. To preserve the wine, the dispenser uses argon or nitrogen gas to replace the oxygen inside the open bottle, keeping the wine fresh for several weeks. A dispensing system is operated using a digital controller. The user may select from one ounce, a full glass, or a free pouring option. Wine is dispensed from a nozzle directly into a wine glass, similar to how a soda machine pours pop.

Wine Preservation

One of the biggest worries when uncorking a bottle of wine is finishing the bottle. Thanks to the preservation system of wine dispensers, those who enjoy a modest glass of wine several times a week can drink at their leisure. Restaurants that serve wine to guests may now add a wider variety of wine to their menu without worrying about spoilage.

A Perfect Pour

Have you ever bought wine for a big party, carefully calculating how to stretch your budget, only to run out of wine at the end of the evening? A wine dispenser removes the human error of overpouring and dispenses the perfect amount every time. Whether you are a business owner or wine lover, the accuracy of the wine dispenser will save you a significant amount of money previously lost to heavy-handed servers.


We know that wine dispensers can preserve wine and save money, but they can also be great for entertaining. Wine dispensers are great for wine tasting parties as they keep multiple bottles of wine chilled and preserved throughout the evening. For businesses, guests will enjoy the option of hygienically dispensing their glasses of wine at their own pace. Lastly, wine dispensers are stylish and eye-catching, which makes them a great conversation starter.

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