Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Thanksgiving Feast with Wine

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As 2019 quickly comes to an end, the time has come to think about hosting loved ones and how you plan to serve your holiday meals.

While wine on its own adds a touch of class to every occasion, there are many ways you can take the entire experience to the next level by providing proper wine service. Today we are exploring all the ways you can elevate wine service with the proper tools.


Like many wine drinkers, your collection of wine glasses may be a mildly embarrassing mix of souvenir glasses you have collected from various wineries combined with old wine glasses you have owned since you rented your first apartment. While your current collection has certainly done its job, a fresh set of glasses will make you proud to serve wine to your loved ones. Here are some suggestions perfect for entertaining:

Illuminati White Wine Glasses: Composed of lead-free crystal, these glasses are designed for white wine. During manufacturing, each glass is put through a hardening process to make it more break-resistant.

Illuminati Red Wine Glasses: Like their white wine counterparts, these glasses are also made of lead-free crystal. The crystal helps to cut down on scratches and cloudiness from washing. These glasses are specially made for red wine service.

Stemless Splat Chalkboard Wine Glasses: If you have lots of family and friends and want to keep track of which glass belongs to who, try these creative glasses that have their own chalkboard label on the front. Each guest can write their name on their glass.

Party Wine Glasses: If you know your guests may get a little clumsy as the night goes on, choose a set of non-breakable wine glasses made of durable polystyrene plastic. These glasses are reusable and can be stacked for storage. They are also great for outdoor use.


Depending on the wine you are serving, it will need to breathe prior to serving. A good decanter will help you unlock aromas and flavors while acting as an elegant addition to the table.

Classic Wine Decanter: This traditional wine decanter will allow your wine to breathe while acting as a beautiful display and serving piece. You may also use this decanter as a fragrance diffuser by adding reeds and essential oils.

Epicureanist Decanter: Its wider base and curved neck make it easy to pour your favorite wine. Made in Europe from a break-resistant glass.

Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter with Ice Cup: This decanter has the added advantage of keeping the wine cool throughout dinner with an added ice cup that fits inside the decanter.


Similar to a decanter, aerators force air into the wine but do so at a more rapid pace. An aerator will allow the tannin and concentrated fruit to mellow, creating a more pleasant drinking experience.

aerator set

Epicureanist Trilux Wine Aerator: This patented aerator has three levels of aeration, allowing you to choose the amount of air you would like to add to your wine. It can be used with both a wine glass or decanter. Its no-drip plate will prevent unwanted spillage.

Epicureanist Glass Aerating Pourer: Insert this aerating pourer directly into the bottle of wine you are serving. It will work to decant and aerate just the right amount of wine for your guest.


You are going to need a reliable corkscrew to open all those bottles of wine. Pick one that not only does the job, but also looks good doing it.

Pewter Connoisseur Wine Opener and Black Granite Stand: Create a little show for guests by using this beautiful wine opener that has its own stand. This opener will also save a lot of stress on your hands.

Epicureanist Dark Wood Double-Hinged Corkscrew: A compact traditional corkscrew that can easily be stored in a drawer until the next party, features a dark wood handle. Includes a foil cutter and double hinge, making it easy to open any bottle.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener & Preserver (2-in-1 Set): When there are many bottles to open, save unwanted strain on your hands by using an electric wine opener. This 2-in-1 tool includes both the opener and preserver, bottle stoppers, foil cutter, and rechargeable base.


At the end of the festivities, you may have some open bottles with leftover wine. You can preserve the wine for days and sometimes a week if you use a wine stopper. A stopper will prevent further oxidization.

Wine Bottle Vacuum Pump with 2 Stoppers: This set will preserve an open bottle of wine for up to 14 days. The vacuum pump will remove excess air from inside the bottle. Two stoppers are included that will seal the open bottle until you are ready for another glass.

Epicureanist Pourer and Stopper (Set of 2): This set of two stoppers also has a built-in filter that will help to remove any unwanted sediment while aerating. When you are done with the bottle, close the lid to preserve your wine.

Epicureanist Flexible Wine Bottle Stoppers (Set of 4): Made of food-safe silicone, these colorful stoppers are both dishwasher safe and reusable. With 4 to a pack, it’s an easy way to ensure you have enough stoppers on hand for your party.

Glass Markers

Last but not least, you will want to find a creative way to help guests keep track of their drinks. We recommend these silicone wine glass charms that stick to the side of any glass. Another idea is to leave out a set of metallic bottle markers (non-toxic and erasable) that allow guests to write their names on their wine glass.

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