2021 Predictions for Wine Cooler Trends

Just like fashion, wine refrigerators evolve in style over the years.

Did you know there are many successful vineyards in places with frigid winter temperatures? One of the delicious results of a frosty weather is ice wine (e.g., icewine or eiswein). The next time you see snow on the ground, get excited! A new ice wine may be in the making.

Creative Lighting

In the past, wine refrigerators had a single bulb inside to illuminate the contents of the cooler. As the aesthetics of one's home becomes of greater importance, expect to see more wine refrigerators with attractive lighting that add to a room's ambiance without heating the wine inside the cooler. Vinotemp's newest wine fridges boast beautiful Backlit™ (baklīt) panel which toggles between three colors; Heliotrope, Amber, and Vinotemp BioBlu™ back-lit (U.S. Patent No. D868849).

Touch Screen

While the main kitchen refrigerator will have a touch screen that showcases everything from family photos to grocery lists, the wine refrigerator will match this modern trend with a touch screen that allows the user to operate the cooler with a push of a button. Touch screens on wine coolers are not necessarily anything new, but they are growing in popularity because they are easy to use and easy to clean. The primary advantage of having a touch screen on the wine cooler's door is you do not have to open the cooler and disturb the wine inside every time you want to set the temperature or turn on the cooler's light.

control panel at 55 degrees
Vinotemp touch screen control panel

Fun with Color and Finishes

Appliances are no longer limited to just stainless-steel or white. Expect to see more and more wine coolers in black or that are panel-ready. Panel-ready wine refrigerators can be outfitted with a custom panel that matches surrounding kitchen cabinetry. This allows for endless possibilities for finishes and fun colors.

Tall Refrigerators

Taller appliances are becoming increasingly popular because they allow the user to take advantage of valuable vertical space. The best part about tall wine refrigerators is they store hundreds of bottles. Two or more can be installed side-by-side, expanding available storage space. Tall wine coolers are also very stylish and add a sense of luxury to any room.

Traditional Meets Modern

The last trend and our favorite are that more designers will be mixing styles in 2021. This means it is perfectly on-trend to have a modern all-black wine refrigerator in your traditional English cottage style kitchen. You also do not have to worry about matching your wine refrigerator's color to other kitchen appliances. Anything goes!