What is the ideal humidity level for a wine cellar?

What is the ideal humidity level for a wine cellar?

The proper humidity level for a wine cellar is between 50-70% when the temperature is a consistent 55◦F.

You will need to adjust the humidity level as you adjust the temperature. Most cellar cooling systems and the cooling systems inside wine refrigerators do not create humidity, but some will maintain it. The ideal humidity will keep the corks moist, but will not cause mold on the bottles or racks and will not cause damage to the wine labels.

At a minimum, to test the humidity inside your wine cellar, you will need a humidity gauge. A proper humidity gauge will tell you the exact reading of your cellar. Once you have this reading, you will know how to adjust the humidity accordingly.

Vinotemp has some options to help you measure the humidity inside your wine cellar:

Wine Storage Temperature and Humidity Kit: place the sensor inside your wine cellar, cabinet, or large wine refrigerator. You can access data through an app from your mobile device or web browser. The kit will also send you a text or email when the temperature or humidity inside your cellar is outside the desired range.

Temperature Humidity Gauge: a simple device that provides you with clear readings of your cellar conditions.

Here are a few suggestions on how to maintain humidity in a wine cellar:

• First, make sure your cellar is built with a vapor barrier around the entire space and that the room is air tight.

• Add a portable humidifier to your cellar. Make sure you select a good quality unit. Use distilled water only.

• Place a bowl or bucket of water inside the room. Place it somewhere where it will not get kicked over.

• You may also place a small decorative fountain inside the cellar. Water is circulated through the fountain and then evaporated into the air, creating humidity.

Humidity inside a wine cellar is what sets it apart from a standard refrigerator. The proper humidity keeps the corks moist, ensuring the proper seal and protection of wine. Contact Vinotemp at info@vinotemp.com today if you have any questions regarding the humidity inside your wine cellar.