What is the best temperature to store red wine?

What is the best temperature to store red wine?

control panel set to 55 degrees
Digital Temperature Control Panel inside a Vinotemp Wine Refrigerator

On average, the best red wine storage temperature is around 55◦F, with temperature fluctuations inside your storage area that do not fluctuate more than 5◦F.

You should store your wine in a spot where it will not be exposed to harmful UV rays, can lay horizontally, has proper humidity (ideally 70-90%), and is free from unwanted vibration. Ideally, the best place to store your wine is inside a wine cellar or cave.

If you do not have a wine cellar, what can you do? Here are a few options:

• Outsource storage: You can find a service that will store your wine for a fee. These professional services can also insure your wine.

• Buy wine and consume it quickly: Another option is to just drink through the bottles you have on hand and then adjust your buying habits for short term wine consumption. The less time your wine is subject to temperature swings, the better it will taste. Most of the wine you buy at big box stores (or wine under $30) is made to be uncorked right away and will not benefit from long term aging.

• Try a wine refrigerator: An appliance designed specifically for the storage of wine, wine refrigerators are easy to install and will keep your bottles in the proper environment. They also include digital temperature control, so you know your bottles are always at the perfect temperature.

Wine cabinet: Similar to a wine refrigerator, a wine cabinet is a furniture style appliance that houses wine. A powerful cooling system is included that will keep wine at the ideal temperature while maintaining humidity. There is more room for customization with wine cabinets as the racking, finish, doors, and handles can all be built to the customer’s specifications.

Wine racking: If you are lucky enough to have a dark, temperature-controlled basement, or simply want to use wine as a design feature, wine racking is a great option. There are many different styles of wine racking that can also be incorporated into a wine cellar or cabinet.


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