What is a wine bottle ring?

What is a wine bottle ring?

A wine bottle ring, or as it is most commonly known, drip stop ring, is designed to catch any unwanted drips that occur when pouring wine. In general, the drip stop ring is made of stainless steel and lined with velvet or another fabric to catch drips. It is placed onto the neck of the bottle prior to dispensing wine. The drip stop ring is considered a must-have wine accessory.

vineyard wine ring
Epicureanist Vineyard Drip Stop Ring

Here are some other commonly used wine accessories:

Wine Stopper

stopper in bottle
Epicureanist Vineyard Ceramic Bottle Stopper

A wine stopper prevents the oxidization of leftover wine by creating a tight seal inside the bottle. More commonly, it is a plug that is inserted into the neck of the wine bottle. Modern wine stoppers may include a vacuum wine stopper that has an accompanying pump which may be electric or manual.

Wine Pourer

fold stopper
Epicureanist Foldable Wine Pourer (Set of 3)

The wine pourer will help to funnel liquid from the wine bottle into a glass or decanter. The simplest wine pourer is a thin disk that can be folded into the shape of a funnel (pictured above) and then inserted into the wine bottle. Other designs may include an aerator which enhances the flavors and aromas of the wine by introducing more oxygen. Some pourers include a lid which allows them to both pour and seal the bottle.

Wine Bottle Coaster

stainless coaster
Epicureanist Chilling Bottle Coaster

A wine bottle coaster is placed below a bottle of wine to prevent any unwanted condensation rings. Modern bottle coasters include a cooling element, such as Epicureanist’s Chilling Wine Bottle Coaster (shown above). The coaster can be placed inside the freezer for up to 4 hours prior to use and will keep the bottle cool for hours.

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