Storing Wine AND Saving the Planet

Vinotemp recognizes the importance of making business decisions that are harmonious with the environment and have a limited negative impact on our natural resources. 

We are committed to our ongoing pursuit of being an environmentally conscious company; to use eco-friendly materials; and design products to our customer’s high standards without damaging the environment.
We constantly strive to promote sustainability in our environment, our community, and in our products. 

Here are some examples of some of the sustainable products Vinotemp uses:

Mahogany wood Use of Mahogany
One of the woods easiest to work that also happens to be non-toxic is Mahogany.

LOW VOC Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
In order to contribute to a safe and healthy environment, Vinotemp only uses stains and finishes that emit low VOC levels. Organic compounds are commonly found in nature, but can sometimes be hazardous when enclosed in an area with limited ventilation.

Green guard Greenguard Certification
Vinotemp works with many suppliers that offer water-based finishes that are certified through Greenguard's strict and extensive testing of over 2,000 VOCs and chemicals. The fact that Greenguard products are included and help to obtain points in LEED's slow-emitting materials category is an added bonus.

What do we do in the Vinotemp offices to be as eco-friendly as possible?

Helping to sustain our environment doesn’t stop at the products Vinotemp develops; it is important that we are conscious of our impact in our offices as well. We have already taken steps to improve our eco-footprint, such as:
  • Installed fluorescent lights, which use less energy than traditional light bulbs.
  • Recycle paper, cans, bottles, cardboard and toner cartridges.
  • Use digital media as often as possible; otherwise print double-sided to conserve paper.
  • Buy recycled office supplies.
  • Installed light sensors in some offices, including some bathrooms.
  • Computers and lights are turned off when not being used.
  • Reduce trash by installing a garbage disposal in lunch room sink.

What is done on Vinotemp’s product development side to control waste and energy usage?

Ensuring that we stay environmentally conscious is always advantageous for our company. Conserving resources and finding eco-friendly alternatives are some of the primary ways we help protect the environment. Since Vinotemp is involved with so many products on a daily basis, we try to be creative in our efforts to help the planet. 

Here are some of the measures during production we have already taken: 

  • Use water based wood stains.
  • Installed lighting that not only uses 50% less electricity, but is also 33% brighter.
  • Use Gorilla and CSH Wood glues, which are more eco-friendly and expose staff to fewer solvents.
  • One of the best and non-toxic woods is mahogany, which is one of the woods we use.
  • In order to decrease the amount of deliveries made, we order supplies in bulk.
  • Hand dryers instead of paper towels.