Wine Serving Temp Chart

Storing wines at the proper temperature is important. To preserve them as long as possible wine should be stored at approximately 55° Fahrenheit. However, the chart below suggests the optimal drinking temperature for the different styles of wine.

wine cellar
   Wine Style
19 66    Armagnac, Brandy, Cognac
18 64    Full Bodied Red Wines, Shiraz
17 62    Tawny Port
15 59    Medium Bodied Red Wines
14 57    Amontillado Sherry
13 55    Light Bodied Red Wines
12 54    Full Bodied White Wines
11 52    Medium Bodied White Wines
10 50    Rosé, Light Bodied White Wines
9 48    Vintage Sparkling
8 46    Fino Sherry
7 45    Non-Vintage Sparkling

These temperatures should be used as guidelines only.

Vinotemp coolers are built to store standard 750ml Bordeaux wine bottles. Storing large or oddly shaped wine bottles such as magnums or champagne bottles will decrease the number of bottles you are able to store inside this unit. Some units are designed to store larger format bottles at the very bottom of the cooler.

Bottle Capacity Guide
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