Custom Wine Racks Gallery

Custom Wine Racks Gallery

Custom Wine Racks GalleryWhether you have 100 bottles or 1,000, Vinotemp can help you design and build your own custom cellar or provide you with replacement wine racking. For over thirty years, Vinotemp has been a leader in the wine storage industry, offering an array of styles, materials, and finishes. Some of our bespoke wine rack projects include traditional wooden wine racks, floating wine racks, stackable wine racks, hanging wine racks, modular wine racks, wall-mounted metal peg wine racks, and floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for your own complete custom wine cellar. First, determine your budget and how much you would like to allocate to racking. If you need help figuring out how much wine racking costs, please contact one of our cellar reps who can provide you with an estimate. Next, ask yourself how much wine you or your business will purchase for the year, how much is consumed right away, and estimate how much you will store long term. Will you be using these wine racks strictly as a design feature or will you be installing them inside a wine cellar with a cellar cooling system? Design is a big factor when selecting a wine rack. Do you prefer a more modern looking wine cellar with glass walls and acrylic racking? Or, do you prefer a more traditional cellar with all wood wine racking? When designing for a commercial space, consider the number of times your employees or customers will be coming in contact with your racks. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, select a wine rack that can be fitted with bracing or ties that will help to secure each bottle in place. These are just a few things to consider when figuring out which wine rack will suit your needs. For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is a list of some of the wine racking that Vinotemp offers:

MODERN WINE RACKS: Vinotemp can appeal to the customer who prefers a sleek and modern aesthetic. Clear acrylic wine racks, metal cable racking, and wall-mounted peg wine racks all give the illusion that bottles are floating in place while providing a simple and minimal appearance.

WOOD WINE RACK KITS: Vinotemp has a number of modular wood wine rack kits that can be configured to fit your space. This more traditional style of wine racking has been popular for many years, provides an affordable storage solution, and never goes out of style.

METAL WINE RACKS: Metal wine racks are usually wall-mounted but can also be suspended in place inside a wine cabinet. Select metal wine racks can be outfitted with grips and straps that help to hold each bottle in place without damaging the label or glass.

COMMERCIAL WINE RACKS: Vinotemp has been making commercial wine racks, cabinets, cellars and refrigerators for restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, and more. We can ensure your business has a beautifully design wine storage solution that will last for many years.


Contact our wine cellar experts today at 1-800-777-VINO (8466) or email to find out more about our custom wine rack services. Whether you are shopping for a residential or commercial space, our cellar experts can provide you with a complete custom wine cellar design including a CAD drawing.

Fill out the Custom Wine Cabinet Request Form or Custom Wine Room Request Form to start on your project or call 1-800-777-VINO to request a custom quote or FREE CAD DESIGN.

Custom Wine Racks Gallery

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