Competitor Comparison

Vinotemp is the leader in wine storage. Vinotemp's complete line of cabinets include Sonoma and Reserve series, which are fine furniture, and "E" series, which are well placed in basement or garages, as well as custom cabinets to match a homes decor. You can find Vinotemp high end cabinets, in both Hotels (Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Bellagio, MGM, City Center) as well as high end properties (432 Park Ave, 15 Central Park West, 100 Barclay), and Entertainment locations such as Carnegie Hall, Yankee Stadium to name a few. You can find our commercial products at the Fig and Olive, Ruths Chris, Hard Rock, Yardhouse, Ocean Prime, Olive Garden and more. Contact us to to start your custom or ready made wine unit.

Wine Cabinet Comparison

Brand Vinotemp EuroCave Le Cache
Product Sonoma 450 Elite Pure Wine Cellar Euro 3800
Total Price $6,399 $7,999 $6,399
Base Price $6,399 $7,999 $6,399
Racked Bottle Capacity 408 178 408
Total Bottle Capacity 458 178 458
Location Manufactured Imported Imported Imported
Size (W x D x H) 62 5/8" x 31" x 91" 34" x 30" x 78" 63" x 31" x 91"
Customization Available Yes Yes Yes
Cherry Wood Upgrade Included Not Available Included
Finish Included Included Included
Cornice and Base Included Included Included
Furniture Trim Included Included Included
Racking All-wood Racking Metal with Wood Trim Shelves All-wood Racking
Cell Capacity 3 5/8" spacing -- 3 3/4" spacing
Cost of Additional Shelves -- 7 out of 13 shelves included --
Glass Window Door Included Included Included
Cooling System Wine-Mate EuroCave CellarPro
Wifi Monitor Kit Included (*Free) Not Available Not Available
Energy Saving &
Quick Chilling Upgrade
Included (*Free) Not Available Not Available
Digital Temp Control Included Included Included
Adjustable Humidity Included Clay Humidity Cassette Included
Top Vent Included Rear Vent Included
Light Included Included Included
Locks Included Included Included


Vinotemp’s SONOMA 450 Wine Cabinet is a great choice of purchase because:
  • Fine furniture style with quality finish
  • Keep the wine collection well-insulated and protected
  • Maintain ideal humidity conditions for long term storage
  • Can be flush against the wall with top exhaust
  • Wifi tool that monitors your wine cabinet
  • Ready to ship


Cellar Cooling System Comparison

A detailed list of decibel ratings for Wine-Mate Cooling Systems is available here: View Decibel Comparison (PDF)

Safety Certification UL ETL UL
Patent Yes No No
Digital Controller Yes Yes Yes
Humidity Control Yes Yes Yes
Energy Saving &
Quick Chilling Upgrade
Yes (Optional) No No
Removable Monitoring Yes (Optional wifi monitor kit can be added) No No
Built-in Installation Yes (when the cooling unit has
top exhaust and the cabinet has front vent)
No No
Front Vent Cabinet Yes (can be available on custom cabinets) Yes Yes
Cooling Yes Yes Yes
Heating Yes (can be included in a cabinet install) No No
Noise 49 dBA (3ft from cooling unit),
46 dBA (3ft from wine cellar)
45 dBA 52 dBA
Compressor 1/8 hp 1/8 hp 1/8 hp
Evaporator Coil Bottom Feed Top Feed Top Feed
Evaporator Fans 2 1 2
Condenser Fans 2 1 2
Bottom Cold Air Yes Yes No
Side Cold Air Yes No Yes
Exchangeable Grille Yes No No
Rear Hot Exhaust Yes Yes No
Top Hot Exhaust Yes Deflected Yes
Power Cord Side, Rear Rear Rear
Bottle Probe Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional) Yes
Remote Controller Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional) Yes (Optional)
Anti-Corrosion Coating Yes Yes Yes
Removable Front Yes Yes No


Wine-Mate's 1500Hth is a great choice of purchase because:
  • Capacity of up to 90 cubic feet.
  • Temperature is controlled and humidity is adjusted using patented technology.
  • Ready-for-use cooling system with easy installation


Vinocellier Comparison

Vinotemp's VinoCellier Series of wine cabinets are exclusive European-made aging cabinets. These cabinets can withstand a greater range of ambient temperature fluctuations than many wine cabinets or coolers and thus make great units that can be placed in the garage or basement. VinoCellier cabinets are available with either a solid or glass door. Each cabinet comes with 5 adjustable wood shelves, but additional shelves can be purchased separately.

Here’s how the VinoCellier 191-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler compares to the popular EuroCave Revelation L Wine Cellar:

Brand Vinotemp EuroCave
Product VinoCellier 191-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler Revelation L Wine Cellar
Total Price (incl. Shipping) $3,695.00 $5,995.00
Base Price $3,100.00 $5,995.00
Application Free standing Free standing
Total Bottle Capacity Approx. 191 750 ml Bordeaux wine bottles Approx. 182 750 ml Bordeaux wine bottles
Location Manufactured Made in Europe Made in Europe
Shelves 5 adjustable wooden shelves (bottles can be stacked) 14 rolling MDS shelves
Reversible Door Swing Yes Yes
Temperature Zones 2 1
Temperature Storage Range 40-72°F 41-68°F
Ambient Storage Range 60-90°F 32-95°F
Cooling System Compressor Compressor
Controls Digital temperature control Digital temperature control
Lighting LED interior lighting LED interior lighting
Door Style Dual-pane glass door Dual-pane glass door
Charcoal Filter Yes Yes
Indoor/Outhoor Indoor only Indoor only
Security Lock Yes Yes
Rated Voltage AC 115V AC 115V
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz
Dimensions 25”W x 23”D x 73”H 27”W x 27-1/4”D x 72”H
Unit Weight (Empty) 169 lbs 198 lbs


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