Common Steam Questions

  •  How hot is a steam bath?

    Typically most steam baths are taken between 90 to 110 degrees with 100% humidity. Set the temperature to your comfort level and do not over do it.

  •  How long can you stay in a steam bath?

    Stay in for 10 to 15 minutes and then take a cool shower. Remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Exit immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy, or sleepy. Prolonged stay in a steam bath can cause one to overheat.

  •  How much does it cost to operate a steam bath?

    Depending on the kilowatts the average steam bath session costs 50 to 75 cents per hour.

  •  What is the average heat up time in a steam bath?

    A steam bath will typically heat up in 15 to 20 minutes.

  •  What wall material is best for a steam room?

    A steam room is made out of waterproof material such as tile, marble, fiberglass, etc., and is usually a shower.

  •  How do you make sure you have the proper size steam generator?

    It can be complex, so call the experts at Apex and let them size it for you. They will need to know your room dimensions, wall material, any exterior walls or windows, and the proposed distance between the steam room and the generator.

  •  What maintenance should be done on a steam generator?

    Flushing the water and sediment out of the tank will extend the life of your steam generator. Models with an Automatic Drain System can be set to drain on their own, while others must be done manually.